10 Things You Can Do To Make Your Mother Happy! ESSAY

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10 Things You Can Do To Make Your Mother Happy!

Having a mother in anyone’s life is something very adorable. Mothers will always be by your side and every person who has a living mother must be very proud of her.

Make your mother smile today by doing one of these 10 things for her.

1. Call your mom often: Call your mom and tell her you love her – simple as that! Spare sometime at-least once a week and tell your mom how thankful you are to her and she is the reason for whom you are today.

2. Celebrate her birthday: Have a cake written her name and a special message of how you want to keep her happy all the time. This comes once a year and so it’s good to have a good budget.

3. Make her life easier. Ask you mom to take a rest and do the things that make her life easier. For example, paint that wall that needs painting, do the dishes, mop the floor, and wash the clothes. All proves that you care about her so much and will her smiling all day.

4. Cook her a meal: Nothing shows your mother that you care about her like cooking her favorite dish for her.

5. Get your Mom a little gift: Surprise her with the necklace she has always wanted, a new scarf, or a book by her favorite author are all great gifts. For sure, she shall always remember you anytime she looks at it.

6. Give her Shout Outs in public: This is the best way to make your mum proud if you didn’t know. If she is on social media platforms, tag her with special messages about how a mighty mom she is to you. It makes her feel recognized and adored.

7. Write her a card or a note: You need to appreciate your mother always. A cute card or a note to say how much you appreciate her is sure to make your mother happy.

8. Take her out somewhere: It could be a walk in the park or it could be a trip to the cinema. What matters is you are spending quality time together.

9. Throw her a party: Invite her friends round and get the party started!

10. Spend quality time with her: Moms need someone who listens to them, encourages them and spend quality time to be with them. Be this person once in a while. You can get secrets others may never get to hear them. Who knows!

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