134 words on Traditional Oriya Food

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134 words on Traditional Oriya Food


 Traditional Oriya cuisine is very delicious. Cooked parboiled or raw rice, dal, dalma (dal mixed with assorted vegetables) and curry are the common meal of the people.

Other important delicious curries are Bhaji (fried vegetables), santula (a preparation of mixed vegetables, half way between fries and curries), Ghanta (mixed vegetable curry), besara or mahura (spiced curry), ambila etc.

Various preparations of fresh and dried fish, meat, chicken and eggs, crabs are the favourite of non-vegetarians. On festive occasions and also as daily intake of those who can afford, sundry cakes using rice powder and blackgrarm dal are also prepared.

The cakes are named as chakuli, chitau pitha, manda, arisa, kakara and podapitha. Sweets like kora, ukhuda, muan, rasagolla, chhena podo (baked cheese cake), rasmalai etc are the favourites in Oriya households.

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