25 Reasons Why Eating Healthy is Important Essay

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25 Reasons Why Eating Healthy is Important

Healthy eating is easier than you think. To spur you on with your healthy eating goals, we have put together this handy list of 25 reasons why healthy eating is important.

Eating Healthy means:

– Consuming food that promotes the health of your body and mind.

– Eating all of the right nutrients.

– Combining a good diet with plenty of exercises.

– Eating as much as you need.

25 Reasons Why Eating Healthy is Important:

1. Vitality.

A healthy diet has you glowing with vitality outside and in. Healthy food leaves you feeling energetic and raring to go!

2. Preserving youthful looks.

Healthy eating keeps your skin supple and radiant, your eyes bright and your hair in good condition.

3. Bone health.

Eating plenty of calcium (which can be found in dairy products, fortified non-dairy milks and dark leafy green veggies) wards off diseases like osteoporosis and osteoarthritis in later life.

4. Excelling at exercise.

A healthy diet is essential for ensuring that your workouts and sports sessions go well.

5. Cardiac and circulatory health.

Eat too much fat and your arteries will get clogged, resulting in high blood pressure and heart disease.

6. Keeping the brain working!

Zinc, omega fatty acids and Vitamin B12 are all important for keeping your cognitive functions (such as memory and problem solving ability) working at the highest possible level.

7. Mood.

Staying away from harmful additives wards off mood swings.

8. Get up and go!

Eating lots of sugar or junk food can make you feel on a ‘high’ for about an hour, before you ‘crash’ down bigtime, leaving you feeling physically and mentally sluggish.

9. Longevity.

Healthy eating is the recipe for a long and happy life.

10. Preventing diabetes.

Cutting back on sugars is a major factor in preventing yourself from getting Type II Diabetes.

11. Reducing your chance of cancer.

Studies have shown that eating healthily reduces your chance of getting certain types of cancer.

12. Good digestion.

Consuming plenty of fiber keeps your digestive system working perfectly.

13. Being a good role model to your kids.

If your kids see you eating healthy, and if you get them into healthy eating habits from a young age, they will go on to live long and healthy lives themselves.

14. Feeling fuller for longer.

Healthy eating gives your body all the nutrients that it needs, so you will be less tempted to snack between meals.

15. Feeling great about yourself!

Healthy eating does not mean punishing yourself – quite the opposite! It means caring for yourself, both body and mind, with nutritious food.

16. Feeling great about food.

Healthy food is delicious and can be as adventurous as you please. Reawaken your love of food.

17. Sharing with friends.

There is nothing more important to life than friends, so why not cook them a healthy meal today?

18. Feeling strong.

A healthy diet includes plenty of iron, which wards off anaemia, keeping you feeling strong and powerful.

19. Good sleep.

Eating healthy promotes restful sleep.

20. Optimum concentration.

A healthy diet keeps you productive as you work or study.

21. Knowing your body’s needs is so important.

Learning about nutrition and health is such a vital skill.

22. Acquiring new skills.

Why not learn to cook your own healthy meals, and acquire one of the most useful skills around?

23. Exploring flavor.

You will appreciate the flavors of food more when you know how good they are for you!

24. Feeling in control.

Eating healthy is a great way to stay in control of your overall wellbeing.

25. Better sex.

Healthier people are, scientists suggest, more fulfilled in the bedroom too.

Healthy eating is great for mind, body and soul.

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