25 Reasons Why Healthy Breakfast is Important Essay

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25 Reasons Why Healthy Breakfast is Important

You may have heard that ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’, and by the end of this article you may well believe that phrase to be more true than ever! Here are 25 reasons why healthy breakfast is important.

1. It wakes you up. Sitting down to some healthy food helps to shake off the last of that desire to stay in bed.

2. It helps you to focus. Tea and coffee improve your concentration: ideal if you need to head off to work.

3. Stable blood sugar levels. Healthy food stablizes your blood glucose levels, setting you up for the day.

4. Good digestion. A fiber packed breakfast will get that digestive system working properly from the word ‘go’.

5. Vitamins and minerals. Get a hit of vitamins and minerals when you have fruit and whole grains for breakfast and your body will thank you all day.

6. Avoiding distractionsSlow release energy from whole grains stops you being distracted by hunger pangs later in the day.

7. Energy. A healthy breakfast gives you all the energy that you need for a successful day.

8. A calcium hit. A yoghurt, glass of milk or other calcium packed item for breakfast is great for your teeth and bones.

9. Avoiding snacks. Avoid sugary snacks in the mid morning by satisfying yourself at breakfast time.

10. Part of a workout regime. A healthy breakfast helps you to make the most of your morning workout.

11. A morning perk. It’s always good to treat yourself.

12. A taste sensation. Healthy food is delicious.

13. Establishing a routine. A good morning routine is great for keeping organized.

14. Good mental health. Keep your brain chemistry balanced with the right vitamins and minerals.

15. Essential for schooling. Kids need a healthy breakfast so they can do well at school.

16. Setting the standard for the day. Start the day as you mean to end it: the healthy way!

17. Bringing families together. Spend some quality time together over healthy breakfast foods.

18. Peace and relaxation. Begin your day with a moment of peace and culinary pampering.

19. Fresh colors and flavors. Brightly colored fresh fruits are so uplifting!

20. Being a good role model. Teach your kids good breakfast habits.

21. Being kind to yourself. Healthy eating is an important form of caring for yourself.

22. Staying hydrated. Healthy breakfasts should include hydrating water or juice – essential for good brain and body function throughout the day!

23. Kickstarting the immune system. Wake up that immune system with a vitamin boost.

24. An adventure. Be adventurous with new and different healthy foods.

25. An education. Learn about your body and its needs as you prepare breakfast.


There are so many reasons to enjoy a healthy breakfast. Healthy breakfasts are important for mind, body and soul.

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