25 Reasons Why Nutrition is Important Essay

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25 Reasons Why Nutrition is Important

Nutrition is very crucial to normal functioning of the body. Without it, the body would be helpless against diseases and conditions. So you need it at all times and here are 25 reasons why nutrition is important;

  1. Keeping the body in perfect shape.

  2. Prevention from disease attacks.

  3. Providing the body with energy to keep going.

  4. Boosting immunity and bolstering against diseases and conditions.

  5. To keep us in perfect health at all times.

  6. For growth and development.

  7. To control our body wealth.

  8. To keep the body in a perfect responsive mode.

  9. Keep the body insulated during cold weather.

  10. Support tissues in the body system.

  11. Create balance for optimal body functions.

  12. For creation and replacement of dead cells and tissue.

  13. Support healthy reproduction.

  14. Brings out the best in our bodies.

  15. For health mental wellbeing.

  16. Controlling of body weight.

  17. Improves on our beauty.

  18. Healing of injuries.

  19. Prevention of deformities especially for children.

  20. Keeping the digestive system in the best condition.

  21. Helps in getting rid of toxins.

  22. For strong bones.

  23. Healthy sleep at all times.

  24. For healthy lifestyles, nutrition is important.

  25. Help develop the brain.

Now you have it all; give your body what it requires for it is important to have nutrition.


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