5 Reasons why Hand washing is Important

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5 Reasons why Hand washing is Important

Handwashing means washing our hands. The purpose of handwashing is to clean our hands of dirt and germs.

Usually, handwashing is done with soap and water. However, it can also be done with antibacterial gels or wet cloths.

To be effective, handwashing needs to be done thoroughly. Given below the 5 major reasons why handwashing is so Important.

1. It protects us: Washing our hands before we eat and regularly throughout the day gets rid of bacteria and viruses that could cause us to become ill. Washing our hands thoroughly and then rinsing them thoroughly to make sure that when we use our hands to eat or touch our mouths, we do not wind up with a cold or other infection. Hence, handwashing protects our health.

2. It protects those around us: It prevents the spread of infection. Even if we do not fall sick ourselves, if it is not washed away the bacteria on our hands can spread infection to other people. Shaking hands, preparing food for someone else, or even handing someone a pen or touching a communal doorknob can all spread bacteria.

3. Keeping our hands looking good. Washed hands look better. And, it is easier to apply moisturizer or hand cream to hands that have been cleansed.

4. Politeness. It is also good manners to wash our hands before eating and after using the bathroom.

5. Keeping a fresh scent on our hands. Using scented soaps to wash our hands gives them another appealing quality – they smell good!

Conclusion: Social rituals of cleanliness are part of being civilized, however they also have a practical purpose. Getting into good habits with handwashing helps to safeguard the health of ourselves and others. Handwashing is important because it helps us to stop the spread of illness through the community.

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