50 Reasons Why Good Communication Skills are Important Essay

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50 Reasons Why Good Communication Skills are Important.

Communication is the process of sending and receiving information. It can be performed in writing, verbally, or visually (for instance via gestures).

Good communication means that we can send and receive information in a way that is clear and easily understood.

Communication skills are vital to many aspects of our life, and so it is crucial to have good communication. When we have good communication skills, the people we are trying to communicate with will be able to understand exactly what we are trying to say, and at the same time, we will understand exactly what they are trying to say.

To give you a fuller picture of the importance of good communication, below you will find 50 reasons why good communication is important.

50 Reasons Why Good Communication Skills are Important.

1. Healthy relationships. Time and time again, studies show that couples who communicate regularly, and communicate well, are more likely to stay together. A person with good communication skills can resolve conflicts easily.This is because they do not let issues build up to an unmanageable size: they talk them through!

2. Letting people know what you want. Whether you are in the grocery store in search of gluten free cookies, or at work trying to tell your boss that you don’t have time to take on another big project, good communication skills ensure that your needs are met.

3. Getting help. From describing those symptoms in your finger to your doctor, to explaining to a psychiatrist just why you feel so low, good communication ensures that you can get the best help.

4. Expressing your affection. Good communication skills help you to express yourselves clearly. You can easily put your thoughts into words that anyone can understand. If you love someone, or want to be their friend, it helps to be able to let them know! Nothing gives a person a boost like hearing how much they are loved.

5. Saying thank you. Good communication enables you to give a polite, heartfelt thank you in a way that is appropriate to the occasion.

6. Apologizing. We have all needed to say sorry at some point in our lives. Good communication skills are so important for ensuring that our apology is accepted.

7. Applying for jobs. Good communication skills are essential requirements of so many jobs.

8. Asking someone on a date. Don’t be shy! Brush up on your communication skills and asking someone on a date (or requesting their hand in marriage) will be a breeze!

9. Working in a team. Good communication is at the heart of teamwork. It is crucial that everyone knows what they need to do and when.

10. Supporting your loved ones. Good listening skills are a central part of good communication. Use these skills to help your loved ones offload their problems.

11. Explaining technical faults. Good communication enables you to get those IT problems, or issues with your plumbing, fixed in no time.

12. The art of persuasion. When you want to bring others round to your point of view, good communication is a must.

13. Teaching. Teachers need to be able to communicate facts clearly. Both in the formal setting of the classroom and in informal settings (such as when you are teaching your kids to use the dishwasher), good communication ensures that you get your message across.

14. Health and safety. Communicating risks and dangers properly can spell the difference between life and death.

15. Reporting crimes. Being able to explain what happened will aid the police in their investigation.

16. Rising to the occasion. For special ceremonies like weddings, excellent communication skills will help you to do justice to the occasion.

17. Body language. People communicate through gestures – often unconsciously. Learning to read body language enables us to gain an insight into what is truly on their mind.

18. Following etiquette. A small gaffe like putting ‘bye’ instead of ‘yours sincerely’ can make you go down in someone’s estimation. Cultivating perfect communication skills makes you seem polite no mater what the occasion!

19. Reaching a decision. Good communication enables everyone to agree at meetings – so you can all go home on time.

20. Avoiding misunderstandings. Getting someone’s name wrong, misreading their intentions, or failing to see that they are upset can all be avoided with good communication.

21. Preventing escalation. Good communication stops situations escalating and becoming aggressive.

22. Success at school. Exams can be enhanced by good communication. Communicating your ideas clearly is important for getting good grades exams.

23. Keeping your mind clear. Good communication starts in your own mind, and keeps your thoughts logical and ordered.

24. Letting it all out. Communication your worries, hopes and dreams to your diary, or a good friend, is great for your mental health.

25. Creative writing success. Poets and novelists rely on the ability to communicate plots and emotions. They are all great communicators.

26. Reporting the truth. Journalists need to report the truth so that it cannot be misunderstood.

27. Communication skills can bring peace. Part of good communication is being able to tell others when you need a little time to yourself.

28. Staying in touch. Don’t lose touch with old school friends as you enter your 30s – communicate regularly with them!

29. Feeling connected. Communicating on social media, text messages, phone calls and emails stops us feeling isolated.

30. Making friends. Our ability to communicate helps us to establish friendships. The better your communication skills, the higher your likelihood of expanding your friendship group.

31. Acing that interview. Good communication skills ensure that you can show that interview panel just how brilliant you are.

32. Caring for pets. We can communicate with animals too and build relationships with them.

33. Taking good notes at university. We need to be able to communicate with our future selves, too. Take clear, concise and to the point notes in lectures – and your future self will thank you when exam time rolls around.

34. Giving directions. It’s wonderful to be able to help a visitor to your home town find their hotel.

35. Navigating foreign lands. If you do not speak the language, but have great communication skills in general, you will be able to make your intentions understood.

36. Learning new languages. People who are good communicators are generally better at learning new languages.

37. Coping with unexpected problems. Being able to talk issues through on the spur of the moment will help to mitigate all kinds of difficult situations, from a missed flight to a burst pipe.

38. Getting the best deal. If you can communicate clearly with your bank or insurance company you will get a better financial deal.

39. Haggling.  Ever haggled at a market? Put your communication skills to the test!

40. Engaging with the community. Good communication enables us to engage with our community and to feel part of it.

41. Getting refunds. Good communicators are more likely to walk away with a full refund for that unwanted item in a store.

42. Explaining your specialism to others. Whether you are a medical doctor or a literature expert, great communication skills will help you to engage the public with your research.

43. Preventing misunderstandings. Breakdowns in communication can lead to unfortunate misunderstandings. Don’t let other people think you were being aggressive when you weren’t, for example.

44. Staying concise. Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘I had no time to write a short letter, so I wrote you a long one?’ Good communication skills enable you to get your thoughts across concisely.

45. Blogging. Reach the world through a well written blog!

46. Public speaking. Public speaking is not daunting when you know you are a good communicator.

47. Upping your social media game. There’s an art to a finely crafted tweet or well written Facebook post.

48. Writing the perfect card. Draw on your communication skills to move beyond the generic sentiments in mass produced greetings cards.

49. Expanding your mind. Conversations with other people expand your worldview, and teach you some surprising things.

50. The joy of communication. Communicating well is a joy in its own right, not just a means to an end!


Communication skills are important because it ensures that we can learn and disseminate knowledge. It enables us both to express our emotions and to pick up on the emotions of others. Brush up on your written, spoken, and gestural communication skills today!

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