Knowledge is power

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Knowledge is power

Earlier, the information had to be stored on scrolls, tablets, or passed down orally, from one generation to the other. Life is so much simpler nowadays. If we wish to learn about something, we have so many resources to consider. Knowledge is of vital importance because it allows us to make informed decisions. Those who have sufficient knowledge are able to utilize it for survival.

Laozi, a Chinese philosopher believed, “Knowledge is a treasure, but the practice is the key to it.” If we do not invest time in acquiring knowledge, we cannot expect to be the master of a field. Our entire life is a learning experience. Those who pay better attention are able to retain most of that knowledge, throughout the span of their lives. However, not all of us appreciate the chances that we get. We are so influenced by competition, that our preparations are usually focused on another individual. In an attempt to be the best, our passion for knowledge is diluted. There may be various situations in our lives, where our knowledge shines through. It shapes our personality and contributes to our well being. It empowers us to question what we have learned, and therefore, get a deeper understanding of complex concepts. Many facilities such as schools, libraries, the internet, etc are freely available to us. This is not the case in every part of the globe. There are millions of children who do not have access to a stable source of knowledge.

Knowledge is power because it equips people with the information and skills necessary to obtain success. While achieving our own goals, we are able to contribute to the development and growth of our countries. We are able to add meaning to our lives. Knowledge helps us fulfill our life purpose. So, learn everything you can and remember it well. Someday, it will all come in handy.

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