7 Reasons Why Life is Beautiful Essay

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7 Reasons Why Life is Beautiful

This word ‘life’ can also refer to the ‘state of being alive’. In this article, by the term ‘life’, we mean the human lifespan.

Beauty can mean different things to different people. For some, life is beautiful will mean that life is enjoyable. For others, it will mean that life is good. Yet others will interpret it as meaning that life is aesthetically pleasing.

What is common to all of these definitions is that the phrase life is beautiful indicates something positive about life.

7 Reasons why life is beautiful.

1. Love: Even a barren, desert place can become beautiful with the presence of love. Indeed, many people would argue that life cannot be truly beautiful in the absence of love and that by loving, we help to fulfil our purpose on earth. Love is something that all people can experience, regardless of their age, location or socioeconomic background. This arguably makes it one of the most beautiful aspects of life, because it is free and open to all and this in itself is something beautiful.

2. The people we share life with: Our friends, family and other loved ones enrich our lives with their uniqueness and their support. So can strangers that we meet along the way. Life is even more beautiful when it is shared with those that we love, and this experience of sharing and interacting with others is a beautiful one in its own right.

3. Fulfilling our goals: We all have talents, and we all have things that we are passionate about. One of the things that can make life especially beautiful is pursuing those dreams and following our passions. By so doing, we often gain a profound sense that our life is worthwhile, which can make life much more beautiful. This is because for many people, true beauty is linked to a sense of purposefulness, and particularly with having a good purpose in life.

4. Being alive is a privilege: When you think about all of the odds that have been overcome for life on earth to develop and when you consider all the human beings who have not lived to the same age that you are at now, it is clear that you are in possession of a fantastic privilege simply by being alive. Any biologist will tell you that there are many billions and trillions of ways in which DNA can combine in order to create a unique human being. And yet, only a small fraction of possible human beings have ever been born. That makes you very special, just by virtue of your existence – and everyone else is very special too, for the same reason.

5. The ability to make a change: We should all try to leave the world a better place than we found it. This is another one of the beauties of life – that we can use the time that we have to improve the world for other people and to make life even more beautiful in the process. We can all agree that doing good deeds is a beautiful thing – and something that has beautiful results as well.

6. Surprises: Life is full of surprises. Whether it is a new perspective on the world that an acquaintance or a book introduces you to, or whether it is just a new culinary dish that you sample for the first time, life always has new things for us to discover. There is something beautiful in this endless variety. Moreover, the versatility of life means that we can all find something beautiful in it regardless of our tastes: there is something here for everyone. Some people find solving math problems beautiful whilst for others the highest beauty is to be found in gardening and watching things grow. The world caters for all tastes, and lets us all live side by side and enjoy our own ideals of beauty peacefully without encroaching on other people’s.

7. Art and culture: We are born into a world that is rich in culture, history and creativity. Delve into the history of human civilizations, experience artworks by visiting a gallery or just by viewing them online or lose yourself in amazing stories and poems from writers all across the globe. For millennia, other human beings have been working hard to make life even more beautiful and something as simple as a trip to the cinema or to a bookshop will enable us to partake of that beauty.


Wake up and take a look around you: life is beautiful. There is beauty all around us: in logic, in the natural world and in our relationships with others. What is more, we can make life even more beautiful by virtue of our actions. Considering how lucky we all are to be alive, it definitely makes sense for us to make the most of the beauty of life – and to help other people to discover it as well.

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