7 Reasons Why Responsible Parenthood is so Important in the Society

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7 Reasons Why Responsible Parenthood is so Important in the Society

What is responsible parenthood? Responsible parenthood means bringing children up well. Bringing children up well encompasses many different things, and of course it depends on the individual child: their personality, their interests and so on.

However, certain things will always be part of bring children up well, such as teaching children the difference between right and wrong, and teaching them that they must always do the right thing.

Responsible parenting is vitally important for society, and below you will find seven key reasons why this is so.

7 Reasons Why Responsible Parenthood is so Important in the Society

1. Teaching morality.

Good citizens need to be people who act according to moral principles. Rather than being selfish or trying to deceive each other, they ought to deal in a kind and upright way with each other. Part of a parent’s responsibility is ensuring that they bring up the next generation of citizens properly.

2. Teaching social interactions.

Being polite, making friends, and reaching out to others are all important things in society. Parents can teach children to be comfortable when socializing from an early age.

3. Budgeting and finances.

In order to keep the economy of a given society going, the citizens need to have good control of their finances. Parents can help to get their children into good financial habits early on.

4. Showing children the ropes.

A responsible parent will teach their child how to move in society: how to pay for things in shops and get the correct change, for example, or how to take public transport.

5. Encouraging independent thought.

In a democratic society, or indeed in any society, good citizenship involves expressing one’s opinions, and also respecting the opinions of others. This is seen not least in the voting process. Responsible parenthood, then, also involves teaching children to respect others’ opinions – and to develop their own opinions too. Tolerance of others is a true civic virtue.

6. Appreciating the society.

Children will not grow up to become responsible citizens unless they appreciate the society in which they live. Thus, part of responsible parenting may well include taking children out to enjoy public parks, theatre productions and so on in the city.

7. Becoming responsible parents too!

Our parenting style will often inspire our children when they become parents in their turn. So, being responsible parents is so important if we want our children to become responsible parents in their own right. In so doing, we become part of an established tradition of good parenting that helps to shape our society to get better and better.


It is clear from the above that responsible parenting and civic virtues are intimately linked. It is from our parents that we most often learn social values such as kindness, honesty, altruism and so on. Our parents can also teach us practical things about how to exist in society. Our parents’ values and parenting style can shape us fundamentally as people. It is evident, then, that if we want to ensure that our society is a just and tolerant one, governed by moral principles, that we must all strive to be good and responsible parents.

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