Paragraph on Women Employment

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Paragraph on Women Employment

Industrialization and technological change have opened vast opportunities of employment for women in different sectors of the national economy. Today Indian women go to the factory, the office, or the school, or the college to work for a wage.

Formerly a young woman had before her two alternatives; early marriage or continued dependence on and subjection to the parental home.

Today, she can earn her own living. The effects of the jobs for women have been to free them from economic dependence on the husband. The numbers of working women are growing rapidly.

She now bears him fewer children, and is freed to a great extent, at least the middle class working woman, from the drudgery of her housework, by the spread of modern household appliances. She can be educated in the same way, play a complementary part in politics, think in terms of equal pay for equal work, and choose to make a career out of her job rather than out of motherhood.

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