A brief note on Tribal Handicrafts

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A brief note on Tribal Handicrafts

Many subsidiary occupations like handicrafts are undertaken in the various tribal zones. These include basket making, spinning and weaving.

The Maria Gond distils spirits from forest produce.

Functional classes among the Saora, the Kond and the Gond devote themselves to cow-herding, metal working, weaving; can working, pottery and so on.

The Korwa and the Agaria are well known iron-smelters, producing tools for local use only, and their techniques being very crude.

The Ghasi made gut from the fibrous tissues of animals.

The Tharu depend upon farming, manufacture of furniture, household utensils, basket, musical instruments, weapon, rope and mats.

The Madras Irula also makes bamboo mats and baskets, and ploughshares and wheels for local use only.

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