A recent trend in Bengal Jewellery

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A recent trend in Bengal Jewellery

In Bengal gold Jewellery are generally not worn below the waist-line. Ankle ornament made of chains is generally made of silver and is used to decorate the feet. Cluster of small silver bells are stringed together intended for the use of the children.

Because of high prices of gold jewelry, it has become a security risk. The wearers dare not show the jewellery in public for fright of attracting troubles. Silver has replaced gold to a great degree.  Gold polished fake jewellery are gaining popularity in modern days.

Besides gold and silver, Ivory is the most preferred material for jewellery items. Ivory bangles are in good demand. Ear tops, necklaces, rings, pendants, etc. are some other jewellery stuff made from ivory.

Coloured lac is yet another customary substance used for making jewellery, especially lac bangles. These are frequently set with stones, glass beads, and mirrors to improve their beauty and decor.

The traditional artisans are still engaged in this craft. Some tribal families are also famous for making these bangles.

Glass bangles are worn by Bengali girls to embellish their wrists. Glass beads are in high demand for making jewellery, particularly costume jewellery.

Horn and shell jewellery are also in place. They are produced in sufficient quantity in West Bengal. The Hill jewellery constitutes a class by itself. These are typically made of copper sheet and wires with complex work on motifs and designs. Glass beads and stones are used to beautify these motifs.

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