A Short Article about Child Labor in India

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A Short Article about Child Labor in India

Child Labor in India

It is sad that for a long time child-labor has been in vogue in India. They are seen working at hotels and restaurants, factories and houses. Children are the automatic choice of the employers. For, they work more but are underpaid.

Working Conditions of Child Laborers: Child labor presents a grim picture of the socio-economic condition of a large section of our population. In a large overgrowing family, where there is hardly a square meal a day, the young child is compelled to go to work to earn bread.

Working under hazardous conditions they start living a life of perpetual unhappiness and frustration. It is a tale of deprivation and longing.

Causes: Poverty, over-population, parental neglect and social callousness turn them into child labors.

Consequences:The engagement of child labor is a heinous social offence. Only a diseased society keeps up this evil practice. Children are born to live and bloom freely. Everyone should see to the full expression of their potentials. For, ‘what is done to children, they will do to society’.

Child labor is a threat to our society. The evil effects of Child Labor are given below:

  • Child labor is a major hurdle in the economic development of a nation.
  • A child, when engaged in economic activities, is deprived of proper education.
  • Child labor negatively affects the health of the child. Engagement of children in factories and mines often leads to severe diseases. This malpractice needs urgent attention.
  • These children are not able to enjoy their childhood.

How to Stop Child Labor? 

  • A child who gets a good social environment grows up to become a good citizen, which in turn helps the country to grow and develop.
  • Education of the masses will be very helpful to raise the consciousness of general people. For this, mass media campaigns over radio, television, newspaper, internet, etc. can be used.
  • Thanks to the government, the child-labor ban act was passed. Let us not violate the act. Let all children enjoy the glory and beauty of childhood.

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