Accept a Request to Serve In an Honorary Position (ENGLISH LETTER WRITING)

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Accept a Request to Serve In an Honorary Position


Sample Letter 1



I will consider it a great honor to serve as honorary chairperson and to grant permission to your organization to use my name for promotional purposes. Prior commitments, however, dictate that I must participate in name only. Nevertheless, I am immensely interested in your progress and would appreciate you sending me literature for each goal you undertake.


May your endeavors be successful. Our community stands to benefit a great deal as you accomplish each objective.



Sample Letter 2



I am both surprised and excited that your organization selected me to serve as an honorary board member for your project. Because I have long had an interest in your cause, I am eager to lend my support. Since I am currently involved in another movement that consumes my time, I am afraid I will be able to participate on a nominal level only. However, to show my support I would enjoy reviewing your literature and offering some suggestions.


I hope you will meet with every success in your praiseworthy endeavors. Your efforts will benefit many.



Sample Letter 3



I am flattered that you selected me to serve as the honorary Grand Marshal of the Springfield festival. Because I support the good this event accomplishes for the community, I accept your invitation, with the understanding that my personal involvement will be limited to the event itself. I would also like a contract describing how your organization will use my name in promotional materials.


Our family has always looked forward to the annual Springfield festival and we anticipate another enjoyable occasion this year.



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