Accept an Invitation to Speak or Perform (ENGLISH LETTER WRITTING)

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Accept an Invitation to Speak or Perform


Sample Letter 1



I am pleased to accept your invitation to speak to the Finlandia Foundation in Springfield. I am honored that you would think of me.


You mentioned two possible topics, the Winter War of 1939 or the Civil War of 1917. I think a discussion of the Winter War would be most appropriate since two recent movies have depicted that period of Finnish history in contradictory ways.


My wife and I will drive to Springfield on December 4 to visit with colleagues at the university before the Foundation’s meeting at 7:00 p.m. on December 5. We will be at the Doe Hall by 6:30 that evening. Other than a microphone, I will only need an overhead projector to show some data. However, it would be helpful to know how informed the audience will be on the topic, and whether there will be many Finns with family experiences from that time?


Thank you for your offer of hotel accommodations, but we have family members in Springfield who we haven’t seen for some time. They have offered to put us up for a few days. Again, thank you for the invitation to speak. I look forward to meeting with the Foundation.



Sample Letter 2



I am happy to accept your invitation to speak at your conference on Tuesday, May 16 at 10:00 p.m. at the Doe Center in Springfield.


For my presentation, I will need a television, a VCR, an overhead projector, a chalk board, and a podium with a microphone. Also, I hope you can send me some information on my audience’s general educational background and professional experience, so I can put together the appropriate technical material.


I am presently making travel arrangements and tentatively plan to arrive on Monday, May 15. You can expect my call sometime next week to confirm my travel itinerary and to make arrangements for reimbursement. I look forward to the conference.



Sample Letter 3



I simply cannot pass up your exciting invitation to speak at this year’s Women’s Conference. As you suggested in your letter, I will meet you in the conference hall on Monday, May 9 at 1:00 p.m.


My enthusiasm for the subject of psychological well-being continues to grow. I plan to discuss some steps women can take to increase their self-esteem and which character traits they should look for in a prospective spouse to increase the possibility of having a fulfilling relationship. Since I plan to use overhead transparencies and a video segment in my presentation, I would appreciate it if you could provide me with an overhead projector, a VCR, and a large-screen television monitor.


I appreciate this opportunity and gratefully accept your generous offer of a $500 honorarium.



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