Accept and Express Appreciation For a Suggestion (ENGLISH LETTER WRITING)

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Accept and Express Appreciation For a Suggestion


Sample Letter 1



Thank you very much for the \”customer helper\” idea. As head of our sales department, I will immediately implement your suggestion of assigning a sales representative to customers planning home improvement. We are sure our customers will appreciate this additional service.


When you next return to your neighborhood store, an employee will greet you, review your home improvement needs, and assign a knowledgeable salesperson to you. As you are aware, our policy is to please our customers, and we appreciate ideas like yours that help us to serve our customers in a more efficient manner.


As our stores continue to profit, we know that the store managers will also be grateful for customers like you who help them improve their service.



Sample Letter 2



Thank you for your suggesting that we maintain \”nonsmoking floors\” in our hotels. You were correct in noting that our policy, until now, has been to provide both smoking and nonsmoking rooms on each floor of our hotels.


Our management has looked into this policy and decided on a change. You will be glad to hear that we have agreed to implement your suggestion by maintaining smoke-free zones in each of our hotels.


We certainly thank you for your timely suggestion. Since our guests’ safety and comfort are our main concern, you can be certain that we appreciate comments like yours that help us achieve this goal.



Sample Letter 3



I want you to know how much we appreciate your suggestion to incorporate an electronic scheduling system. We discussed your proposal at our last staff meeting and decided to implement it next month. Without question, such a software system will save the company both time and money. Keep up the good work. Doe Corporation is successful because of thoughtful employees like you.



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