Accession Of Akbar (Father Of Jahangir)

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Accession Of Akbar (Father Of Jahangir)

The accession of Akbar the Great, the father of Jahangir, to the throne had been proclaimed at Delhi on 11th February, 1556. On the same day Humayun’s death was made public. Humayun was the father of Akbar.

Humayun died as the result of a fall from the staircase of his library located at Sher Mandal in Delhi on 27th January, 1556. His death was concealed and a man was dressed up to impersonate him in order to enable Akbar to crown himself without opposition.

The news of his father’s death reached Akbar at Kalanaur,near Gurdaspur, in the Punjab, where he was engaged in operations against Sikandar Sur, who had taken refuge in the fort of Mankot. The guardian of Akbar, Bairam Khan took immediate steps to enthrone him on a brick platform improvised for the occasion and proclaimed him Emperor on February 14, 1556.

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