Acid Rain Solutions

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Acid Rain Solutions

It is difficult to counter the effects of acid rain on fish and wildlife without fully eliminating the sources of pollution. Certain local measures can be adopted to counter acidification of streams, soil and rest of the environment.

The measures described below acts as a solution to the Acid Rain problems:

Buffering: Methods used having deadening impact is the meaning of buffering. This is done by adding neutralizing agent to the acidified water to increase the pH value. Practice show use of lime in the form of calcium oxide and calcium carbonate.

Hatchery fish in acidified waters:  This is done to maintain an ecological balance within acidified lakes. The procedure of breeding hatchery fish in acidified water curb fish population from further declining.

Controlling excess emission of SOx and NOx:  Strict laws should be designed and effectively implemented by the government to regulate the emission. Some measures are:

  • Ordering power stations manager to burn less fossil fuels as it will decrease emission of SOx. They should be asked to use alternative sources of energy such as tidal waves, wind and hydro-power.
  • Using low sulphur fuel.
  • Desulphurization.
  • Modifications in engines.

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