Acknowledge the Receipt of a Suggestion from an Employee (ENGLISH LETTER WRITING)

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Acknowledge the Receipt of a Suggestion from an Employee


Sample Letter 1



I thought you would like to know the outcome of our conversation last Tuesday. We are seriously considering your suggestion that we solicit input from all personnel through an e-mail \”brainstorming\” bulletin board. Thank you for your insight.


Our company’s success depends upon both the collective and individual innovation of our employees. Your bulletin board suggestion may encourage employees to speak up more frequently.


Your idea should become a reality in a very short while. Thanks for your help.



Sample Letter 2



I found your suggestions for improving quality control very interesting. You made some very good points. Please plan to present your ideas in our next staff meeting, Monday at 9:00 a.m. I will put you on the first part of the agenda. I sincerely appreciate your interest in helping us improve our process.



Sample Letter 3



I just reviewed your innovative suggestion for reducing the number of inventories we take each month. John Doe and I meet each week, and I will bring your idea to his attention. I sincerely appreciate your interest in the future of our company.



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