Adham Khan

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Adham Khan

Adham Khan was the son of Maham Anga. He served as a general in the court of Mughal Empire under Akbar.

Adham Khan was sent by Akbar to conquer Malwa. Adham Khan successfully conquered Malwa by force but its ruler Baz Bahadur recovered it and held it till he was compelled to submit some years later.

The appointment of Shamsuddin Atga Khan for the post of Prime Minister displeased Adham Khan and her mother Maham Anga.

Adham Khan killed Shamsuddin Atga Khan and also tried to enter the room in which Akbar was sleeping in order to make peace with him. The guards of Akbar prevented Adham Khan. Akbar wake up and asked Adham Khan why he had killed Atga Khan. Adham Khan even threatened Akbar and even held his hand and sword but Akbar’s severe blow stunned him and at once he was put under arrest. Akbar ordered to kill Adham Khan. The information of the act of violence and subsequent death of Adham Khan was intimated to Maham Anga by Akbar himself. Maham Anga told Akbar that he had done well. This incident took place in May, 1562.

Akbar build a Tomb for Adham Khan and the deceased body of Adham Khan was respectfully buried in it.

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