An Ideal Student

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An Ideal Student

Ancient Indian texts, written almost 5000 years back describes that a student must have the qualities like perseverance like a crow, concentration like an Eagle, alertness like a dog, should eat less, and should be willing to leave home to explore this world in the quest for knowledge. In this modern world, we can find that these qualities are still relevant. An ideal Student should have the following nine qualities to outshine in this world and they are Simplicity, Obedience, respect to others, truthfulness, discipline, focus, curiosity, observation, and compassion.

Students should develop a quality to listen to elders and respect their views. The experience and knowledge of elderly people often play a major role in shaping a student’s personality and career and one could acquire this much-required knowledge and experience from parents, teachers, or other senior people from society. Being simple helps students to keep themselves grounded and not to get carried away by success. Students should also learn how to respect different views and cope up with different individual tastes. These qualities will play a vital role to develop teamwork and leadership skills. It is very important to realize that an important factor to get appreciation is often not driven by the success in academic exams but your behavior among others. Simplicity and truthfulness play a very important role in social acceptance. One should always be compassionate and should make an attempt to understand our friend’s problems and try to find solutions. We should be flexible in our attitude. A student should always stand for the truth. Sharing your knowledge with our friends and caring for others is also very important. As a student, our focus is to grab knowledge and we should not be distracted by any other factors. We should not be tempted by short term pleasure instead should focus on our long-term goals. Healthy eating habits help students to stay fit. A student’s quest for knowledge should be driven by curiosity and observation and our intellectual exploration in this world should be guided by these qualities.

Finally, we should be aware of our own responsibilities. As a child, as a student, and a citizen of this world, we hold tremendous responsibilities. We take the resources of this society for our growth and it is always our responsibility to give it back and contribute to a society building process. A student should have a patriotic mind and should be willing to do sacrifices for common causes. An ideal student always holds the future of nations and in total the future of humanity itself.

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