Announce Actions to Be Taken During a Strike (Management’s Announcement) (English letter writing)

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Announce Actions to Be Taken During a Strike (Management’s Announcement)


Sample Letter 1



We trust we will avoid the strike threatened by the local metal workers’ union next week. But in case we don’t, we need to have contingency plans in place.


To begin with, please handle all current orders immediately so we will have no backlog. Since management and nonunion personnel will be required to take over many functions, please let your supervisor know in which areas you feel most qualified to work. If a picket line forms in front of the building, avoid confrontation by entering through the underground parking area.


We will be working around the clock to reach a settlement so no one will suffer unduly from the strike. Your help will be appreciated. Thank you for your hard work and support.



Sample Letter 2



As you know, negotiations for a new telephone operators’ contract are in a critical phase. We believe we will reach an agreement before the present contract ends on February 1, but we must have a contingency plan in case talks fail.


Our first priority must be to handle emergency calls. We ask that supervisors assume this task under the direction of John Doe. The general managers will handle routine calls. Recently retired management personnel may also assist.


We will hope for the best.



Sample Letter 3



As you are aware, management of our subsidiary, the John Doe Trucking Company, has been meeting with representatives from the truckers’ union to avoid a threatened strike. In the event that negotiations break down and a strike occurs, we need a contingency plan.


We will hold a meeting for all nonunion personnel and managers at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow in the conference room. We will review the company policy regarding strikes and give further details on how we plan to ship our produce should a strike occur. We appreciate your cooperation and support at this time.



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