Announce an Employee’s Retirement (English letter writing)

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Announce an Employee’s Retirement


Sample Letter 1



It is with personal regret but warm wishes that I announce the retirement of Jane Doe, effective May 31. Jane’s leaving marks the end of an era for Doe Corporation. She was the first person to see the value of television advertising for our products, and has been on the cutting edge of marketing ever since. We are indebted to her vision and commitment for propelling us to our present position in the industry. Her work has assured our success into the next century.


We will honor Jane for her contributions in a farewell reception to be held in the President’s Ballroom at 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. on Friday, May 30. We invite all employees to extend their good wishes to Jane in her new endeavors.



Sample Letter 2



We are at once delighted and disheartened to announce that John Doe is retiring. His last day is December 5. John has been a tremendous employee. He is gifted with a keen chemical engineering mind and a cooperative nature. John pioneered our latex paint when the company was just starting out. He later developed many of the plastic products we now consider the backbone of our product line. His co-workers also recognize John for his courtesy and amicability.


John’s retirement is our loss, but a well-deserved respite for him. We are throwing one last party for him before he heads south to Miami to terrorize the Floridians with his dark dress socks, sandals, and plaid shorts! Call Sue for party details. We all wish John the very best.



Sample Letter 3



Many of you are now aware that John Doe has accepted a position in Kansas. John will be the sales director for Doe Corporation.


I am very excited for John; however, he will be greatly missed here in Springfield. His positive attitude and abundance of energy have helped make our office a pleasant place to work.


Currently, I have no plans to replace John. Jane Doe will assume full responsibility for his clients.



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