Announce an Engagement In a Newspaper (English letter writing)

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Announce an Engagement In a Newspaper


Sample Letter 1



Dr. and Mrs. John Doe announce the engagement and forthcoming marriage of their daughter Mary to Eric Johnson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Johnson of Springfield, Kansas.


Ms. Doe is a graduate of the Doe Academy of Arts and is currently the curator of the local art museum. Mr. Johnson is a partner in Doe Realty Associates. The couple plans to make their home in Springfield.



Sample Letter 2



Mr. John Doe and his late wife, Jane Doe, are proud to announce the marriage of their daughter, Ashley, to Eric Johnson, son of Mr. Robert Johnson of Centerville, Kansas, and Ms. Joyce Smith of Springfield, Kansas. Miss Doe is a student of hair artistry at the En Vogue Academy, from which she will graduate in June of this year. Mr. Johnson is employed at Doe & Sons. The couple will reside in Springfield, Kansas.



Sample Letter 3



Ashley Stevens, daughter of Robert and Suzanne Stevens of Springfield, will marry Eric Doe, son of John and Jane Doe of Centerville, on Saturday, April 20, at Springfield Island Resort.


A reception will honor the couple that evening at Springfield Island Resort. The event is open to all friends and relatives.


The bride-elect is a graduate of Springfield University and is employed at XYZ Corp in Centerville. Her fiancee, Eric, graduated from Centerville University and is also employed at XYZ Corp.


The couple will reside in Springfield.



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