Announce or Introduce a New Salesperson (English letter writing)

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Announce or Introduce a New Salesperson


Sample Letter 1



Here’s some exciting news for you … and some better news!


John Doe has been your account representative for the last three years. I know you will be very happy to learn that John has been hired by Service Executives, Inc. as their Regional Manager for his outstanding achievements at our company, (name of company).


Of course, John will no longer be able to service your account, but our excellent working relationship with (name of company) will continue uninterrupted.


John and I are pleased to introduce you to Jane Doe, your new account representative. Jane has proven herself as an integral member of our sales group over the last two years. (List her qualifications and achievements.)


Because I want this transition to be seamless for you, I would personally appreciate introducing Jane to you. I will call to arrange a convenient appointment.



Sample Letter 2



I think you will be pleased to know that John Doe, formerly of Springfield Technologies, is joining our staff and will be working closely with your accounts. John brings several years of marketing experience in ready-to-wear to this position and is well prepared to meet your specific needs.


I will accompany John on his first visit to make the formal introductions. I am confident you will find him very knowledgeable and responsive. We hope to visit your office next week.



Sample Letter 3



This letter is to introduce you to Jane Doe, your new sales representative.


Jane is a fine person and a real professional. Jane has had ten years of experience in our industry. She’s done it all–production, customer relations, sales.


In fact, I think Jane knows everything about our product, top to bottom. And she’ll put that expertise to work for you.


I’ve asked Jane to contact you next week to set up an appointment to meet you. She has many great ideas and is eager to get to know you.


You can rely on Jane’s ability. She will take good care of you.



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