Apologize For a Defective, Damaged, or Incomplete Product (English letter writing)

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Apologize For a Defective, Damaged, or Incomplete Product


Sample Letter 1



We are very sorry that your toaster does not function as you expected. Before we ship any toaster, we double-check every function, so your problem may be one you can solve quite easily.


When the bread does not go down, you can usually correct the problem by rotating the screw on the bottom of the toaster a turn or two to the right. If that adjustment does not solve the problem, simply return the toaster to our nearest outlet to receive a replacement or a refund. Your Doe toaster should give you many years of trouble-free service.



Sample Letter 2



We regret the keyboard you purchased is causing you difficulties. Because Doe products are tested thoroughly before shipping, it is a rare instance when one is found defective. We have enclosed a replacement keyboard for your convenience. Please return the original to us in the enclosed mailer. If you need further assistance, please call us at 555-5555. We want you to be a satisfied Doe customer.



Sample Letter 3



We were sorry that the magazine you received last month lacked the center pages. We pride ourselves on producing error-free copies, but apparently one slipped through. We are sending you another copy immediately. Please call us toll free at 555-5555 if you do not receive it within the next few days. Thank you for letting us serve you.



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