Apologize For a Late Payment (English letter writing)

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Apologize For a Late Payment


Sample Letter 1



Enclosed is a check for $100.00 to complete payment on invoice #123. This check should cover the entire overdue balance. Please accept our apologies for this oversight. We are truly sorry for any inconvenience it may have caused you.



Sample Letter 2



By now you are aware that we did not make our March rent payment of $650. We have scrambled for weeks to meet our expenses, but will not be able to get the payment to you until March 20. We apologize for our late payment and hope you can work with us during this difficult time.


We appreciate all you do for us and want you to know we could not ask for a finer landlord. Thank you for your understanding. Please look for the check to arrive in the mail soon.



Sample Letter 3



I am sorry that you have not yet received my payment this month. I recently found an error in my account and didn’t want to send the payment until I was sure that check would not be returned. The bank has since accepted responsibility for the error, and I plan to have the funds transferred to you immediately.


The bank has assured me that the circumstances that led to the oversight are unusual and it is unlikely that this will ever happen again. I have been happy with our business relationship and trust that this incident will not jeopardize our future dealings.



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