Attack on Kalinjar fort and Death Of Sher Shah Suri

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Attack on Kalinjar fort and Death Of Sher Shah Suri

Sher Shah Suri marched against the Kalinjar Fort and captured it. Soon after the capture, Sher Shah Suri ( Sher Khan) died on 22nd May, 1545.

The Fort of Kalinjar is in the Buldelkhand region of Uttar Pradesh. Immediately after the conclusion of the successful campaign in Rajasthan, Sher Shah marched on Kalinjar.

Raja Kirat Singh was the king of kalinjar. Sher Shah marched on Kalinjar and besieged the fort (November 1544). In spite of all possible exertion, the strong fortress could not be captured and the siege protracted for more than half-a-year. At length, Sher Shah saw no way except to make an attempt to blow up the walls of the fort. Accordingly, orders were given to dig mines and to build a high tower for mounting a battery. At the same time, arrangements were made to erect covered lanes (sabat) in order to afford protection to the attackers. These were ready, and the tower erected was so high that the interior of the fort could be easily seen from its top.

On 22nd May 1545, Sher Shah ordered an assault on the fort and he advanced to the attack. He ascended the tower and ordered his men to bring a supply of rockets in order to throw them into the fort. One of the rockets when fired against the gate of the town rebounded and fell into a heap of ammunition lying near the place where Sher Shah was standing. There was huge explosion and Sher Shah was very severely burnt. He was immediate carried to his tent, but he orders his men to continue the attack. The assault succeeded and the fort of Kalinjar was taken by storm at about sunset. When news of capture of the fort and the slaughter of the garrison was reported to Sher Shah, ‘arks of joy and satisfaction appeared on his countenance. Soon after this, he expired on 22nd May, 1545.

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