Battle of Talikota – 1565

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Battle of Talikota – 1565

The Battle of Talikota was fought between Vijaynagar Kingdom and Sultanates of Deccan. The Vijaynagar Kingdom was defeated in the Battle. The war took place on 26th January, 1565.

After the death of Krishna Deva Raya the fall of Vijayanagar Empire began. Two rulers Achyuta Raya and Sadasiva Raya were weak.

At the time of Sadasiva Raya his minister Rama Raya captured all the royal authorities. He tried to capital the difference amongst five Muslim kingdoms of South India and crush them. But they soon understood his plan and joined hands with each other. Then jointly they attacked Vijayanagar.

In the battle of Talikota, Vijayanagar was defeated. The Muslim army entered the capital and looted and destroyed everything there.

Later Tirumala, the brother of Rama Raya, dethroned Sadasiva Raya and captured the power (1570 A.D.). Thus the Arbidu rule started. Last three kings of this family were Ranga-II, Venkat-II and Rana-III. At the time of Ranga-III, Mysore, Bidnur, Tanjore, Madura declared independence. In this way the Vijayanagar became abolished.

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