Baz Bahadur (Last Sultan of Malwa)

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Baz Bahadur (Last Sultan of Malwa)

Baz Bahadur was the Malwa’s last Sultan. He ruled the Malwa state for the period between 1555 and 1562. Sujaat Khan was the father of Baz Bahadur. Baz Bahadur was in love with a beautiful Rajput singer called Roopmati (also Rupmati) later he married to her. She is popularly known as Rani Roopmati.

Baz Bahadur had devoted his entire life to his lover and arts.

First Campaign of Akbar: The Mughal army of Akbar attacked Malwa. The army of  Baz Bahadur was defeated in the Sarangpur battle on 29th March’ 1561. The Mughal army occupied his Kingdom of Malwa.

Death of Rani Roopmati: After the fall of Malwa, Rani Roopmati killed herself by taking poison to save her honour.

However, Baz Bahadur managed to escape and fled to Khandesh. There, Baz Bahadur formed a coalition army with the support of Tufal Khan and Miran Mubarak Shah II.

The combined forces defeated the Mughal Army and Baz Bahadur regained power over Malwa Kingdom.

Next Campaign of Akbar: But Akbar again sent the Mughal army to attack Malwa. The army of Baz Bahadur was completely defeated. This incident took place in the year 1562. Baz Bahadur again managed to flee to Chittor.

Mandu was capital of Malwa Kingdom of Baz Bahadur. It later became an important town of Mughal Empire.

Finally, Baz Bahadur had surrendered to Akbar in 1570. Akbar took him in his service.

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