Brief History Mewar Kingdom

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The brief History Mewar Kingdom

The Kingdom of Mewar was the leading Rajput state and its history abounds in records of Rajput chivalry and valor. Few races or nations can produce more glorious records of valor, chivalry and honor than the Rajputs of Mewar.

Bappa Rawal was the founder of the Mewar dynasty.  The dynasty was founded by Bappa Rao who defended Chittor against Muhammad-bin-Qasim. The Rajputs displayed prodigies of valor on each occasion of wars and battles.

Rana Ratan Singh was the ruler of Mewar Kingdom. Alauddin attack on Chittor and the fortress fell into his hands, but the queen perished in the flames to save her honor. Chittor was subsequently recovered by Hamir, who thus retrieved the lost prestige of his race. He is still honored by his countrymen.

Rana Kumbha was the next outstanding ruler of Mewar. He was a great soldier and a mighty builder. He fought against the Muslim ruler of Gujarat and obtained a brilliant victory over Mahmud Khilji, the ruler of Malwa. He built the famous Tower of victory at Chittor to commemorate his victory. He died in 1468.

Rana Sangha was perhaps the greatest greatest ruler of Mewar. He won many battles. He had defeated the Ibrahim Lodi in the ‘Battle of Khatoli” in 1517. He also Mahmud Lodi in 1519. Though the Rajputs fought bravely, they were defeated by Babur at Khanwa in 1527.

Maharana Udai Singh was a brave soldier. He had made good arrangement to protect the fort of Chittor. However, in spite of the best effort of the Rajputs, the forces of Akbar conquered Chittor. Maharana Udai Singh left Chittor, and changed his capital to Udaipur.

The Rajputs of Chittor under their gallant leader, Rana Pratap Singh defied the power of Akbar, and although they were overpowered, they never submitted to the great Mughal.

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