Brief History of Swaraj Party |Objectives and Works of Swaraj Party

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Brief History of Swaraj Party |Objectives and Works of Swaraj Party

Swaraj Party

Who founded the Swaraj Party? Motilal Nehru and Chittaranjan Das were the founders of Swaraj Party. It was named as ‘Congress-Khilafat Swarajaya Party” in 1922.

What was the Swaraj Party? The Swaraj Party (also Swarajya Party) claimed to be an integral part of the Congress. But it set up a separate organization under separate leadership of Chittaranjan Das (C.R. Das) and Motilal Nehru. The Swaraj Party accepted almost entire programme of the Congress.


  1. It decided to take part in elections.
  2. The Swaraj Party declared that the national demand for self-government would be presented in councils.
  3. In case of the rejection of the demand of its elected members, their policy would be to uniformly and consistently obstruct within the councils.

Gandhiji recognized the right of the Swarajists to pursue their ‘project’ of obstruction.


The members of Swaraj Party did valuable work towards India’s struggle for Freedom.

  1. When the non-cooperation movement ended, the Swaraj Party kept the enthusiasm for freedom struggle alive.
  2. They made diarchy unworkable.
  3. Having entered into the legislature the Swaraj Party created eagerness for parliamentary democracy among the people.
  4. They could establish Hindu-Muslim unity during the period.
  5. The obstruction put by the party in councils forced the government to appoint Simon Commission.

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