Brief note on Himalayan Forests in India

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Brief note on Himalayan Forests in India

Himalayan Forests

The Himalayan forests in India are influenced mainly by altitude. Below 1000 meters one finds the same kinds of forests as are found in the plains. The only difference is between east and west. In the east there are evergreen rain forests up to an altitude of about 1200 meters. But in the west there are monsoon deciduous forests up to 1000 meters. In the east evergreen Oaks prevail up to 2000 meters. Magnolia is very common. Other Oaks are beeches and laurels.

From 2500 meters to 3900 meters conifers prevail. Here one finds Deodars, Firs, Spruce etc. In the higher limit are found silver firs. There are some trees called Thododendrons.

Above 3900 meters there is Alpine vegetation and bush Thododendrons. Bright flowered plants grow in summer. Eternal snow begins where the Alpine meadows end.

In western Himalayas, Chir pines dominate between 1000 And 2000 meters. Above 2000 meters and up to 3400 meters are found Oaks, Deodars, Firs, Cedars, Spruce and Birches. Further up are Alpine meadows with the same type of vegetation as in the east. Juniper thickets and dwarf conifers also occur here. Above 4400 meters there is eternal snow.

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