Brief Note on Mother’s Day Celebrations Essay

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Brief Note on Mother’s Day Celebrations

What is Mother’s Day? Mother’s Day is a celebration held in honoring mothers, motherhood and mother figures in our families. It is a day’s celebration marking the importance of mothers and appreciating their role in the society. Mothers influence the growth of a child in many ways that only a mother can understand.

Origin of Mother’s Day: Mother’s Day origin dates back in the age of Ancient Romans and the Greek. The Greek dedicated to maternal goddesses that was held in the annual festival during the spring season. They used to honor the day by appreciating Rhea, wife to Cronus and mother to deities in the mythology of the Greeks.

Ancient Romans used to celebrate the day by honoring Cybele, their mother goddess. In Roman culture, Mother’s Day used to be known as Hilaria. Early Christians celebrated the day during Lent festivals in every fourth Sunday to honor Virgin Mary.

When do we celebrate Mother’s Day?  Today, Mother’s Day is celebrated in different days depending on Countries. In many countries such as the United States, Canada and Australia, it is usually held on 2nd Sunday of May every year. In United Kingdom, Mother’s Day is celebrated three weeks before Easter Sunday.

Why do we celebrate Mother’s Day? There are countless reasons of celebrating Mother’s Day. To start with, mothers are the first beings to welcome a child on the surface of the earth. They are the first teachers to a child, the first word a child speaks comes from them. Mothers are the custodians of discipline in most of our homes. Most meals in homes are prepared by them. What else would a child in mother’s care need more than her love?

How do we celebrate Mother’s Day? You should start making plans for this global holiday a bit early. On this particular day, you might prepare breakfast for her. Buying a card is most probably a good idea. On the card, write a short encouraging message to make her feel special. You should be able to know what a mother loves and cherishes most. A gift will be necessary for this day, even go ahead to make a surprise party to celebrate her.

Why is this day important? Mother’s Day is one of the most important holiday on earth. It is celebrated globally. This special day is dedicated to mothers who have played a major role in our lives. This day makes mothers feel special. Being a father, a husband, a friend or a child to a mother means a lot. The whole family should honor her by celebrating it with her.

Conclusion: Mothers are of utter importance to a family. They are the most responsible people in many families. They play a major role to a child’s growth and making this day special for them would mean a world to them.

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