Brief Note on Paintings of Medieval India Paintings of Medieval India

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Brief Note on Paintings of Medieval India

Paintings of Medieval India

The Medieval India is the part of Indian history between the 8th century and the 18the century A.D. During Medieval period, India witnessed significant growth in the field of art of painting.

The sultanate period, except in some regions like Gujarat and Malwa, did not have many illustrated manuscripts. The Persian practice of miniature painting was also first introduced by these regional rulers. It was during Akbar’s reign that painting was organized by an imperial estab­lishment which brought together Hindu and Muslim painters and arti­sans from different parts of India, especially, from regions like Gujarat and Malwa where this tradition of manuscripts and miniature paintings had developed.

Despite the objection of orthodox religious leaders, who regarded painting as un-Islamic, the Mughal emperors patronized this art. The painters, besides depicting usual scenes like war, hunting, and other public activities, also started specializing in portrait paintings. A similar style of painting developed in Rajasthan using Hindu mythological themes.

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