Brief Note on the Kathiawar Peninsula (Saurashtra) Essay

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Brief Note on the Kathiawar Peninsula (Saurashtra)

Kathiawar Peninsula (or Saurashtra) has a characteristic topography.

The central area is elevated. The terrain slopes towards the alluvial plains and the coastal plains of Gujarat.

The central hilly tableland is formed by two hill masses of Rajkot (383 m) and Gir Range (728 m.)

Girner is the most important hill. It is of igneous complex. It rises to 1,117 m. (highest peak of Gujarat) at its Goraknath Peak.

Most of the rivers such as the Shetrunji, the Bhadar (largest), the Machhu, the Bhogavo, etc. rise from this central hilly tableland, the Mandav Hills and run radically into the Gulf of Kachchh, the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Khambhat.

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