Business Condolence Letter (English LETTER WRITTING)

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Business Condolence Letter

June 25, 2019

Jems S. Alvero
85/c, Exilent road,
silicon, Pune 411004

Dear Mr. Jems Alvero,

We here at Roster’s Laboratory are sorrowed to hear of the loss of your son Zehan Alvero. Please allow me, on behalf of all of us at Roster’s Laboratory to extend our sympathies to you and your family.

Your son was a valuable asset to this company and I cannot comprehend that he is will not be among us anymore. We mourn the loss along with you and pray for the departed soul.

We are here to help in any way we can and do call us as if not anything we can certainly share your pain.

Pawan bhardwaj
Roster’s Laboratory
Phone: 98-77789, 77790
Mobile: 0988-99976

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