Business Proposal Acceptance Letter (English letter writting)

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Business Proposal Acceptance Letter

Stella Inquiste Inc.
32 S Riverview,
silicon, Pune 411004
Tel: 890677, 776288

2nd June 2019

Pawan bhardwaj
Stellar Infosys Private Limited,
85/c, Exilent road,
silicon, Pune 411004

Mr. Pawan,

I am writing on behalf of Stella Inquiste Inc. regarding the discussions that we had on Skype dating 22nd May 2019 about the business proposal that your company – Stellar Infosys Private Limited had sent us. We are happy to inform you that our Firm – Stella Inquiste Inc. has accepted your business proposal.

We have received the initial documents from your company, however, we require a few more documents from your side. We have attached a list of the documents that we require for starting the process, please go through these and make them available to us at the earliest possible. At the same time, there will be a need for a business meeting for the companies to discuss the terms and conditions. Furthermore, marketing strategies also need to be discussed so that there is no miscommunication.
Feel free to contact our company regarding the business proposal that you sent. You can call us on these numbers – 890677, 776288 or you can send us an email at –

Once again, thank you for contacting us with your business proposal. We are looking forward to working with your company, Stellar Infosys Private Limited. Thank you for offering us the opportunity of working with you.

Yours sincerely,
Jems S. Alvero
Communication Officer
Stella Inquiste Inc.

Encl: List of Documents

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