Business Sales Letter (English letter writting)

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Business Sales Letter

Pawan bhardwaj
PC Components Elite
2800 Juarez Ave
silicon, Pune 411004
Tel: (817) 257-7000
13th April, 2019

Mr. Jems S. Alvero,
200 Fort Worth, Laredo,
silicon, Pune 411004
Tel: (956) 723-5321
Dear Mr. Jems,

We had recently met at a Technology Expo ‘Ritz 2020’ held at Texas University. There you had spoken about having advanced PC’s in your workshop and that you were looking to sell them and buy new PC’s. Our company, as I had told you deals in all types of computer systems and peripherals.

We have recently launched a new scheme ‘Exchange for New’, wherein you can exchange your old working systems for new up to date systems at a nominal fee. We are in the IT business for 10 years and are known for providing quality services, both sales and after sales. Our Company has a team of expert professionals who can check and pick up old systems from your home at no extra cost.

I am sending you a brochure of the models we are offering. There is also another offer – “For every purchase of 10 systems, you get a colored laser printer at no extra cost”. You will not find any such offer and such competitive prices anywhere.

I am sure you must have liked the offer and by the end of the letter you would have made up your mind. I look forward to your response. Then we can fix a formal meeting and discuss all the things in detail.

Waiting for your reply
Yours truly,
Pawan bhardwaj
Sales Manager

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