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Business Information Request Letter (English letter writting)

Business Information Request Letter KJP Informatics Private Ltd. 700 Juarez Ave, Laredo, TX,United States Tel: (956) 723-5321 Fax: 0223 765 4321 Email: August 1, 2012 Galaxy SEO Masters Inc. 69 Milk Street, LONDON SW7 6AW Subject: Package Information Dear Sir, I should be grateful if you would send us your brochure and price list…
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Payment Request Letter (English letter writting)

Payment Request Letter Pawan bhardwaj [Accountant] Highland Stores West Road silicon, Pune 411004 Tel: 250-429-0002 Fax: 250-2223-160333 Date: 1st March 2019 Mr. Jems S. Alvero Blue Jay High School 15 Main St. silicon, Pune 411004 Ref: Outstanding Invoice #321 Dear Mr. Jems, Our records show that you have an outstanding balance dating back to…
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Vacation Request Letter (English letter writting)

Vacation Request Letter To, Mr. Pawan Bhardwaj General Manager KJP Sports Ltd. 110 First Street silicon, Pune 411004 Subject – Request for Vacation Respected Sir, I would request you to grant me leave from 21st March to 29th March 2019. I require to leave on the mentioned dates as I am looking forward to going…
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Credit Refusal Letter (English letter writting)

Credit Refusal Letter 21st June 2019 KJP LLC Bank 83 Grafton Road Private Bag 92 609, silicon, Pune 411004 Pawan Adobe 21 Carnegie Road silicon, Pune 411004 Dear Pawan Adobe, This letter is in response to your request made to us about extending your credit card limit to 20000rs has been declined. You have already…
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Job Refusal Letter (English letter writting)

Job Refusal Letter Pawan bhardwaj 497 Jacob Mare Street silicon, Pune 411004 April 30, 2004 Mr. Jems S. Alvero Director of Human Resources Eco-Products 434 Church Street silicon, Pune 411004 Dear Mr. Jems, It is a great honor and pleasure to receive a job offer from a prestigious organization such as yours. I am greatly…
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Friendly Letter (English letter writting)

Friendly Letter Sandy Street 506 silicon, Pune 411004 June 21, 2019 Dear Jems s. Alvero, It has been a long time since the last time I saw you. It has also been quite a while that I wrote to my Best Friend. Surely, you haven’t written to me as well. Busy Bee!!! On my part,…
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Get Well Letter (English letter writting)

Get Well Letter Pawan bhardwaj Director (Technical) KJP Sat Tech. June 21st, 2019 Jems s. Alvero 1327/1, Tankoli Baag, silicon, Pune 411004 Dear Mr. Jems s. Alvero, I was so sorry to hear about your accident. The moment I heard about it I tried calling you but then I wasn’t sure if you were in…
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BOARD OF DIRECTORS RESOLUTION TO OPEN A BANK ACCOUNT FOR ABC Designs, Inc. [32 S Riverview, silicon, Pune 411004] Upon a motion duly made and unanimously carried, it was: RESOLVED, that the officers of this corporation be authorized and directed to open a bank account in the name of the corporation. The undersigned hereby certifies…
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Termination Letter (English letter writting)

Termination Letter Nickard Intel Limited 795 Gilmour St Pune, 4110041 Subject:-Letter of Termination 5th May 2019 Pawan Adobe 1845 Shorter Street Pune, 4110041 Dear Pawan, It is a great regret that I have to inform you that your employment agreement with Nickard Intel Limited as of 12th June 2018 stands terminated as of today on…
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Visa application letter (English letter writting)

Visa application letter Pawan bhardwaj [32 S Riverview, silicon, Pune 411004] [+91 25487 52145] [] Date: June 21, 2019 To The Visa Officer Consulate General of XYZ Pune 411004 Subject:- Visa application letter Dear Sir/Madam, I Pawan bhardwaj going on a short term internship to Cario, Pune. My internship start date is 4th August 2019…
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