CBSE Class 10 English Grammar Editing

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CBSE Class 10 English Grammar Editing

Q.1. The following passage has not been edited. There is one error in each line. Write the incorrect word and the correction in your answer sheet against the correct question number. The first one has been done as an example. (4 Marks Each) (Board 2014, Set QUD9VQW, PRE2N1B) 

Dolphins and killer whales has learned elaborate routine [Error: has; Correction: have]
to entertain aquarium audiences. They are thought
by men to being even more scientifically (a) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]
intelligent then me. In scientific (b) [Error: ________; Correction: _______ ;]
experiments they had showed great (c) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]
skill for distinguishing between objects. (d) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]

Q. 2. The following passage has not been edited. There is one error in each of the lines. Write the incorrect word and the correction in the space provided : (1/2 x 8 = 4 marks)

Community service sensitise people to (a) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]
other’s needs and supports inclusive (b) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]
development to the underprivileged (c) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]
sections with society. Courses about social (d) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]
work prepares frontline workers to (e) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]
takes up assignments in social welfare (f) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]
organizations. Practical work including (g) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]
50 hour of structured internship to man projects.(h) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]



Q. 3. The following passage has not been edited. There is one error in each line. Write the incorrect word and the correction in your answer sheet against the correct question number. (4 marks) (Board Term-I 2013, Set 8SRR)

Madhubani Painting is one in the many traditional (a) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]
Indian art forms. It is but known as Mithila or Godhna (b) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]
Paintings. This art developed by Mithila or Madhubani district (c) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]
of Bihar or then spread to villages around Madhubani (d) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]


Vijender Singh of Bhiwani, be the (a) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]
first Indian boxer as bring an Olympic (b) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]
medal to India at 2008. (c) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]
Vijender was encouraged from his coach (d) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]


Gold prices are now touched an all time [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]
high. Some says it could be a bubble (a) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]
that may grown but will at last (b) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]
burst after recession in a (c) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]
West was over. So, investment (d) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]
in gold may not be a good idea now.


When it comes to nutrients, almonds really know
how to shine! This all in one nut was snacked [Error: was; Correction: is;]
with multiple benefits who help in weight (a) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]
management, maintain blood glucose levels (b) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]
and providing essential nutrients. Almonds is (c) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]
an excellence source of vitamin-E, magnesium, (d) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]
and manganese.


God like qualities are planted with us at birth. [Error: _with______; Correction: _in_____;]
They grow amid the thorns of our fault. Many of us (a) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]
look at ourselves and see only the thorn, the defects (b) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]
We despair, thinking such we cannot do anything good (c) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]
We neglect to water a good within us, (d) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]
and eventually it dies.

Dolphins are well known for her agility and playful behaviour. (a) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]
It makes them a favourite of wildlife watchers much. (b) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]
Species will leapt out of the water rise vertically out (e) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]
of the water to view their surroundings and follow ships, (Ledu) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]
often synchronizing your movements with one another. (d) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]

Man has learn to communicate in a (a) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]
variety off ways. There are examples of (b) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]
communities uses whistles or tunes to (c) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]
express its ideas without bringing in (d) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]
words at all.

Thieves held the manager at the [Error: _at_______; Correction: __of_____;]
Blue Star Hotel on gun point (a) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]
last night during the daring raid (b) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]
in which they took near one lakh (c) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]
rupees from the hotel safe. He also (d) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]
broke into several of the bedrooms. (Ledu) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]

Ethiopia is a landlocking country in [Error: landlockin___; Correction: landlocked_;]
an northeast African region known (a) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]
as the Horn of Africa. Some on the (b) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]
highest, and more stunning places (c) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]
on the African continent are find here.(d) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]

A computer company, have a seemingly impossible problem (a) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]
with a too expensive machine. Staff engineers tried (b) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]
everything he could think of, but couldn’t fix it. (c) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]
Desperate, they tried a retired engineer from a (Ledu) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]
reputation for repairing all things technical. (d) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]

For Rahul Dravid cricket was a way to life, (a) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]
a reflection of his grooming. It was quitely (b) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]
evident at the time of his retirement too. Dravid (Ledu) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]
draws a list of friends (c) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]
and broke a news two days ahead of the moment in (d) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]

Enid Blyton books are, of course, of primary [Error: ____of__; Correction: __for___;]
school children. Many were suitable for old (a) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]
primary school children, but any are (b) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]
especially write for new readers (c) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]
in a early primary school years. (d) [Error: ________; Correction: ________;]


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