CBSE Class 10 English Story Writing

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CBSE Class 10 English Story Writing

A Story is a narration of a set of fictions event used to convey a moral message.

• Context—use phrases like—’Once upon a time…………’Long long ago………..
• Introduction of characters through dialogue/narration.
• Plot—description of an event/accident.
• Climax—end of the story.

Marking Scheme
Content : 6 marks
Fluency : 2 mark
Accuracy : 2 mark
Under content, credit should be given for the candidates creativity in presenting ideas.

Q. 1. ‘Enjoying a cup of tea while sitting on my balcony on a Sunday morning, suddenly I felt a deep pain in my chest. I thought that this was the last moment of my life. I wanted to call my daughter, my husband and everybody to say the final Good Bye, but couldn’t do so ….’

Imagine what happened after this. Did the family know what happened or did the woman die unnoticed ? Explain what were the plans and aspirations of the woman at the last moment of her life. Write an imaginary story with a suitable tide in 150-200 words. (Board 2014 Set QUD9VQW) (10 marks)


A Dreadful Experience

Enjoying a cup of tea while sitting on my balcony on a Sunday morning, suddenly, I felt a deep pain in my chest. I thought that this was the last moment of my life. I wanted to call my daughter, my husband and everybody to say the final Good Bye, but couldn’t do so. I was thinking of their life without me. I was just worried what would happen to them if I collapsed. I just prayed, “O God! Give me some more time.” I thought about my daughter who was in the first year of her college life I had always thought of giving her a wonderful life in which she had all her dreams fulfilled. Then my thoughts shifted towards my husband who wouldn’t be able to lead his life without me. He was so used to me around him all the time. Suddenly, a thought came to my mind ‘You have to live. You can’t die like this. Get up. Do something,’ I tried to call my family again but it was as if I was dumb. No words came out of my mouth. I knew 1 should not lose my wits. I must do something to keep going till my family noticed me. Suddenly, my eyes fell on the mobile phone on the table nearby. I picked it up and dialled 102.1 don’t remember what happened after that when I awoke I found myself in a hospital room, with a team of doctors bending over me and watching me. Later, I was told that I had been carried in an ambulance to a multi-speciality hospital at the nick of time. Delay would have been fatal for me. I was happy. I could still see this wonderful world. I immediately decided to give my best to my family as life is short-lived.

Q. 2. I got up in the middle of the night, I was sweating profusely……….Complete the story in 150-200 words. (Board 2014, Set PRE2N18) (10 marks)


A Narrow Escape

I got up in the middle of the night, I was sweating profusely. I switched on the light only to find that there was some kind of electricity failure. I came out of the room to get some fresh air. It was stormy outside and that might have been the reason for the electricity failure. I drank cold water, took a chair and sat in the verandah. Suddenly, I heard a loud shriek. It was coming from our neighbour’s house. I was so confused, now what to do. Then I gathered courage and went inside to fetch a torch. I took the torch and started moving towards my neighbour’s house. I peeped inside from the window and saw two people who were covering the owners at gunpoint. I stepped back and started thinking of my next step. At that moment I heard a motor bike approaching near. It was cobra police on their patrolling. I signalled to them. They stopped and asked me the reason for stopping them. I told them the whole story. They immediately went inside to help the old couple. The miscreants were shocked at the sudden arrival of the police. They tried to escape but the policemen took prompt action and caught them. We heaved a sigh of relief. Suddenly, the whole area was illuminated as the power supply had resumed. The old couple saw me and thanked me for my sharp wittedness.

Q. 3. Write a story in about 150-200 words on the basis of the given outlines:

The illiterate boy……… caught for pick pocketing…….sent to juvenile prison………forced to do lessons………becomes sullen rebellious …… French comic film on T.V. during recreation hour……..fascinated with the language……….requested coaching classes………a French tourist guide today. (NCT 2014) (10 marks)


Man—The Master of his own Destiny

Raju was a little boy who was born in a poor family. He wanted to get education but his financial condition did not allow him to do so. He remained illiterate and so did not have any means of earning. He took to pickpocketing and small thievery. One day, he was caught red-handed for pick-pocketing. Since he was only thirteen, he was sent to juvenile prison where he was forced to do lessons. He had no interest in them and the compelling behaviour of the prison-people made him sullen and rebellious. It was only during the recreation hour that he seemed to be his normal self. One day he watched a French comic film on T.V. He was fascinated with the French language and wanted to learn it. He requested the prison authorities for coaching classes in French. They agreed to his proposal as they were themselves interested to make him learn something so as to be self-dependent. Raju showed a keen interest in learning the language and in a very short period, had acquired a mastery over the language. Raju was set free after two years. He had already decided to use the French language as his means of earning. He became a French tourist guide and started leading an honourable life. He forgot all about his past and is happy these days for the sudden but positive turn in his life. He has set an example for others that man is a master of his own destiny.

Q. 4. Write a story in 150-200 words beginning with the following line and give it a suitable title. (Board 2014, Set 8L1922Q) (10 marks)

Night before the zonal debate competition …. Everyone was fast asleep, while I was practicing… suddenly.


A Terrible Collision

Night before the zonal debate competition, I was practicing my part till late night. Everyone was fast asleep. Even I was planning to sleep. Suddenly, there was a loud crash. I jumped out of my bed and rushed out to see the cause of that sound. The sight outside was ghastly. Two cars had collided with each other because of dense fog. The occupants of both the cars were screaming and shouting for help. Other people had also come out of their houses after hearing the sound. In a flash of second, everyone started helping the injured. There were four young men in one car who were returning after attending a party while a family was there in the other car. The drivers of both the cars were badly injured. I called up the ambulance service and the police as well. Within no time, the ambulance reached there. It was a tough job taking the passengers out of the front seat as they had got stuck in their seats due to the collision. Many helping hands come forward and finally all the passengers of both cars were taken out. They were shifted to a nearby hospital. Two people had not received serious injuries so they were asked to inform their family members about the accident. One man from the crowd informed the authorities to send a crane as the cars had blocked the road as well. It took almost one hour for all this. Then I went inside but I could not practice more due to the terrific scenes flashing in my mind. The only good thing was that nobody had lost his life and were safe.

Q. 5. Meena is a 12 year old girl. She is staying with her mother. No one was there for their help. One day a stranger came to Meena’s house. Her mother was not in the house at that time. The man caught hold of Meena. She began to cry loudly. But no one was there to hear her. (Board Term-II, 2013)
Complete the story in about 150-200 words.


A Brave Girl

Meena was a twelve year old girl who used to stay with her mother. Her father had gone to another city to earn money. One day, a stranger came to Meena’s house. Her mother was not in the house at that moment. The man caught hold of Meena. She began to cry loudly but no one was there to hear her. Suddenly, Meena was reminded of her mother’s teaching of not losing the wits and alertness of mind when in hour of need. She built up her confidence and looked around. She could not see anything with which to hit the stranger. Suddenly, she bit the stranger on his arm. The stranger cried with pain and let go of her. This moment was important for her. She took her mother’s saree and tied it around the stranger’s neck. Now, it was the time for the stranger to cry for help. She tied him and then used her mobile phone to call the police as well as her neighbours. The police reached • within no time and arrested the man. The neighbours had also arrived. They all patted Meena on her back for fighting bravely with the man.

Q. 6. It was raining heavily, the street lights had gone off and I was returning………….Complete the story in about 150-200 words, providing an appropriate title to it. (Board Term-12012, Set EC2,034)

Ans. It was raining heavily, the street lights had gone off and I was returning home after watching the late night show of a movie. Suddenly, I heard a sound behind me. I looked back but no one was there. I started walking again. Again I heard a sound. This time I was sine I’d heard a cry of pain. I took my cell-phone and switched on the torch-light and started flashing it around. I noticed the sound was coming from the left side. I was frightened but I took courage and went towards the sound what I saw made me have goosebumps. A man was lying in a pool of blood and his leg was crushed under a huge tree. On asking, he told me that he had stopped under the tree and was waiting for the rain to stop when suddenly out of the dark two men came on a bike. They robbed him of his valuables. When he cried for help they shoot him. As if it was not enough, a storm started blowing. As it was an old tree it could not stand against the raging storm. It got uprooted and his leg was crushed under it. I immediately called the ambulance because I could not lift that tree up. The ambulance arrived within no time. The people came and helped the man through that painful experience. They lifted the tree with lots of labour, put the man in the ambulance and took him to the hospital.
I felt happy and contented that I had saved a life.

Q. 7. Write a short story in about 150-200 words by continuing the following story : “I jumped out of the bed at midnight…………………..” (Board Term-12012, Set EC2,050) (5 marks)

Ans. An Unwelcome Visitor at Midnight
‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ means that guests and visitors must always be welcomed because they are like God. This statement becomes a bit inappropriate in certain situations when we are unaware of our guest.

Here is a story which describes it clearly.

I jumped out of the bed at midnight when I heard noise of the opening of a door. I was scared and wanted to tell this to my father. But instead, I walked quietly to the terrace from where the noise had been coming. I saw the shadow of a man.

I realised that it could be no other than a robber. So, I ran to my father’s room to inform him. My father came out with me. Since, it was midnight and very dark, we decided to take a torch and a dog with us. Then we all climbed up to the terrace to catch hold of the robber but by the time we reached there he was already gone. My father said that he must have gone away after listening to the barking of the dog. But we all were amazed because the door was still locked the same way as it had been before. The best part was that everything near the terrace was on its right place. All’s well that end’s well. The robber wasn’t able to take away anything because of our presence of mind and alertness.

But one thing that surprises me most is that whether it was really a robber or someone else, because I have only seen a shadow, the door was locked and nothing had been stolen.

Q. 8. Taking help of the following points together with your own ideas, write a story in about 150-200 words. Give a suitable title to the story.

An old rich lady becomes blind — calls in a doctor — agrees to pay large fee if cured, but nothing if not — her eyes bandaged–doctor removes something everyday – eyes cured — doctor asks for payment — lady refuses to pay — says cure not complete — doctor takes the matter to court-judge asks why she does not pay — she says sight not restored – she cannot see her furniture — judge decides the case in her favour – Moral. (Board Term-12012, Set 61) (10 marks)


The Dishonest Doctor

Once upon a time there was an old rich lady who became blind. She called in a doctor who after examining her told her that her eye-sight could be restored, but would charge a high sum for it. The lady agreed on the condition that she would pay the fee only if she got cured but she would not pay anything if she did not get her vision back. The doctor started her treatment. He bandaged her eyes and applied some medicine to her eyes. The doctor was a dishonest man. He saw many valuable things and costly furniture in the house. He planned to steal them. Since, the lady was blind, he started removing something or the other everyday from the house without the knowledge of the lady. At last the day came when the lady got cured. The doctor asked for his payment but the lady refused to pay saying that her cure was not complete. The doctor took the lady to the court. The court asked the lady the reason for not paying the fees. The lady said that her sight was not restored as she could not see the furniture in her house. The judge understood the whole matter. He found the doctor guilty. The case was decided in favour of the old lady and the doctor was punished.

Moral: Dishonesty never pays.

Q. 9. Last night you heard a noise in your room. You opened your eyes and………….Write a story in about 150 words about what happened then.


Unfoiled Robbery Attempt

It was very hot last night. I had slept with the windows open. At around 2 p.m. I heard a noise in my room. I tried to look around and got a faint glimpse of a man entering through the open wondow. I felt afraid. The man entered with a torch in his hand. With the help of torch light, he located the cupboard in my room. Walking stealthly he moved towards it. I gathered my courage and told myself to do something. Suddenly, an idea struck my mind as I could not make any noise to make the thief aware of my presence. I gave a missed call through my cell phone to my parents who were sleeping in the next room. My father, a bit perplexed, came to my room. The moment he opened the door, the thief tried to run away. By that time I’d made up my mind to hit him with the water-bottle lying near my bed. The target was quite close. He jumped but the bottle hit him badly and he fell down. We caught him and handed him over to the police in die morning.

Q. 10. Write an original story in about 150-200 words beginning:

As I opened the window I saw……………………… (Board Term-II 2012, Set 16)

Strange Friend

I was reading a book when I looked up. As I opened the window I saw an unusual looking face. I was astonished. I got up from the chair and opened the window. To my surprise, it was an alien. Probably he was left behind by some UFO. I thought of enquiring it from him so, I gave him a friendly smile. Gathering his courage, the alien entered my room. He was looking strangely at all the things in the room. I tried to converse with him but he could not understand me. I made some pictures on a paper but all in vain. There was no communication between us.

He was looking a bit nervous and was looking all around as if trying to find something. Suddenly, it clicked me that he was hungry. I asked him in sign language whether he wanted to have something and he shook his head. Now, I realised that we could communicate through sign language. He made some vague signs as if he was trying to tell me something. Then he got up and stood near the window. He was looking at the sky. Suddenly, I noticed a smile on his face. I looked out and saw some flashes of light in the sky. He made some strange sounds and started jumping. The light came nearer and stopped at a distance. I realised it was a space-ship. The alien rushed out through the window towards the space-ship. There was a loud noise when the space-ship started taking off. I didn’t want my friend to go so early. I tried to stop him and then there was a loud thud. My eyes opened and I realised it was all a dream.

Q. 11. Students mostly think that their teachers exaggerate their bad qualities. But it is not at all true. They love their students and have their best interests at heart. With the help of the following story line, write a story in about 150-200 words on the topic ‘A Teacher’s Love For His Student’


A Teacher’s Love For His Student

There was once a man who suddenly felt an urge to meet his old Guru. How much hard he tried, he was not successful. He prayed to God. One night he dreamt of finding him near a sea-shore. When he got up in the morning, he became restless. He went to the same spot he had seen in his dream. He realized that he had finally succeeded in his efforts. He saw his Guru as a fisherman there. He was ashamed of his Guru and pretended not to recognize him and moved away. In a distressed state, he moved on. It was a hot day. The sun shone brightly in the sky. He couldn’t bear the heat of the sun and fainted. A fisherman ran up to him and took him to a safe place, nursed him and waited patiently till he recovered consciousness.

When the man woke up, he saw the same fisherman by his side for whom he had been so ashamed of and had refused to recognize. Today, his Guru stood there as his protector. The man now realized his folly. He touched his Guru’s feet and asked for an apology.

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