CBSE Class 10 Forest and Wild Resources Geography HOTS

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CBSE Class 10 Forest and Wild Resources Geography HOTS

Q. 1. How has the IUCN classified the existing animals ? [CBSE Sept. 2014]
Ans. 1. Normal Species 2. Endangered Species 3. Vulnerable Species 4. Rare Species 5. Endemic Species 6. Extinct Species

Q. 2. Classify the following animals according to the IUCN. Asiatic Cheetah, Nicobar Pigeon, Asiatic Elephant, Blue Sheep, Indian Rhino.
Ans. (i) Endangered – Indian Rhino
(ii) Vulnerable – Asiatic Elephant, Blue Sheep
(iii) Endemic – Nicobar Pigeon
(iv) Extinct – Asiatic Cheetah

Q. 3. What is ‘Project Tiger’ ? When was it launched ? Mention any four tiger reserves of India.
Write a brief note on ‘Project Tiger’. [CBSE Sept. 2010]
Ans. Project Tiger was a wildlife conservation project initiated in India in 1973 to protect the Bengal Tiger. There are more than 42 tiger reserves in India covering an area of about 37,761 sq. km.
Four Tiger Reserves in India are :
(i) The Corbett National Park – Uttarakhand
(ii) The Sunderban National Fbrk – West Bengal
(iii) The Manas Tiger Reserve – Assam (iu) The Periyar Tiger Reserve – Kerala

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