CBSE class 9 English Gulliver’s Travels – Summary Of The Novel

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‘Gullivers Travels is the most popular and widely read of all Swifts works. ‘Gullivers Travels though finished in 1725, was published anonymously in 1726. It is believed that Swift was inspired by Memoirs of Scriblerus while writing this book.
The book contains four parts. In Part I of the book, Gulliver describes his shipwreck in Lilliput where the people are just six inches in height. Part II contains an account of his voyage to Brobdingnag-the land of giants. Gulliver now finds himself a dwarf among people who are 60 feet in height. Part III of the book is a satire chiefly on philosophers, projectors and inventors, men who live in the air; divorced from the realities of life. The satire in Part IV is, indeed terrible and fierce. His condemnation and denunciation of mankind is so bitter and vehement that many critics have accused Swift of being a misanthrope-a hater of mankind

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