CBSE Class 9 English Main Course Book Unit 1 People Chapter 3 Can You Know People You Haven’t Met

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CBSE Class 9 English Main Course Book Unit 1 People Chapter 3 Can You Know People You Haven’t Met

Question 1:
Is it possible to make accurate guesses about the people you have not met? Read the poem, to see how conclusions can be drawn about people.
(See Main Course Book, Page 15)
Summary of the Poem: This is a poem about an abandoned farmhouse. Taking clues from things in the house and overall condition of the house the poet has tried to guess about its occupants. The big size of shoes and bed makes the poet to think that the house belonged to a big man. The presence of the Bible indicates that the person used to believe in God.

The presence of floral design on the wall paper and that of oil-cloth in the kitchen indicates towards the presence of a woman as well. There are different kinds of toys which indicate that the couple had a child as well. Certain food items indicate towards penury of the family. The overall condition of the farmhouse tells that the man was not a farmer and it was a lonely house. The way things are scattered all around, indicates towards a possibility of some untoward incidents. They might have led to the exodus of the family.

Question 2:
Complete the following sentences about the poem.

  1. In the first stanza, the poet refers to four pieces of evidence: large shoes, a long bed, the Bible, fields cluttered with boulders and a leaky barn. This leads the poet to conclude that ‘the man of the house’ was ________________
  2. I think that the child was probably about six years old because_____________ .
  3. The poet suggests that a woman lived in the farmhouse because______________ .
  4. The family probably left the farmhouse because____________________________ .


  1. a tall, well built and god-fearing poor man and was not a farmer.
  2. simplicity and functionality of toys indicate that the child was neither too young nor too old.
  3. there was lilac on the wallpaper and oil­cloth in the kitchen.
  4. most of the items were there in the house and weeds had cropped up in the yard.

Question 3:
The poet draws conclusions about the family without having met them. He does this by lines such as:
(See Main Course Book, Page 16)
Make other sentences like this, using ideas from the poem.
In the first floor room there was a Bible, which suggests that the man was a god fearing one.
The farm was cluttered with boulders and the barn was ill maintained, so it can be assumed that the man did not have a knack for farming.
They were using preserved food which suggests they could not afford fresh food and were poor.
The narrow country road leading up to the farmhouse suggests that it was a lonely farmhouse.
Some jars were still sealed and toys were strewn all over. This suggests that something awfully wrong happened there.

Question 4:
Imagine that a Social Worker comes to the abandoned farmhouse to find out what may have happened to the family. She makes the following observations in her note-pad.

* empty houseHave they left? Where could they have gone to?
* boulders in the field, leaky barnThe owner might not have been a farmer.
* sealed jars in the cellarWoman lived there – family short of money-left in a hurry
* toys scattered in the yardSomething went wrong?

On the basis of these notes, the Social Worker presents the facts as she sees them to her Head of Department. Unfortunately she spills ink on her report.
Complete her report.
NCERT Solutions For Class 9 English Main Course Book A Burglary Attempt-3
When I reached the farmhouse, I saw that the house was empty, which belonged to a family. I wondered where they might have gone. It can be assumed that the owner was not a farmer, because of the boulders in the field and the leaky barn. There is a possibility that the family was poor, because I saw several sealed jars in the cellar. Also it seems that a woman lived there. It was obvious she had left in a hurry. What was most touching was that the toys were scattered in the yard.

Question 5:
When we write informal letters (to a friend, or to a member of our family) we use this layout.
(See Main Course Book, Page 18)

Question 6:
Amit from Hyderabad has got admission to a college in Bengaluru. He has to share his room with another boy. When he arrives at the hostel he learns that his room mate has gone home for a few days. Based on his observations of the room, Amit writes a letter to his friend, Sumit, about his new room mate. (You may use some of the expressions suggested in Q.3.) As Amit, write the letter.
In your writing, remember to follow CODER
(See Main Course Book, Page 18)
5, Naraynmurthy Road
4th May 20xx
Dear Sumit
Hope you are in the pink of your health and enjoying your studies.

You may be aware that I got admission in a college in Bengaluru. I have just shifted to my new hostel. I have to share this room with one of my batchmates. It will be a great opportunity for me to learn new things and make new friends.

Unfortunately, I am unable to meet my new room mate as he has gone to his home town for a few days. While looking at his belongings I made some interesting observations about my new room mate. The way things are strewn all over the place, he seems to be a man in a hurry. You can say that he is not good at taking care of his belongings. But the way his books are kept on the table he seems to be a studious boy. There is a racket and a ball, so he must be fond of sports as well. His stylish photo on the wall and a cartoon on file towel forces me to think that he is really a funny guy.

I hope I will have great time enjoying his friendship. Once he comes back I will write more about him and my new stages in life. Convey my regards to uncle and aunt. Yours truly Amit

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