CBSE Class 9 English Main Course Book Unit 2 Adventure Chapter 1 A The Final Flight

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CBSE Class 9 English Main Course Book Unit 2 Adventure Chapter 1 A The Final Flight

Question 1:
Below are certain words that appear in the story of Amelia Earhart’s journey. The meanings have been given in a jumbled order. Match the words with their meanings.

  1. Navigator(a)An infection of the bowels
2. Skirting(b) A person who flies an aircraft.
   3. Dysentery(c) a person who plans a route for a ship or plane
  4. Parachute(d) to put something in a safe place
5. Cable(e) to leave something within intention of returning
6. Precise(f) to be or go around the edge of something
     7. Transmit(g) a device that is attached to people or objects to make them fall slowly and safely.
      8. Implement(h) a small boat made of rubber or plastic that is filled with air.
9.  Raft(i) a set of wires, covered in plastic or rubber that carries electricity or telephone signals
10.  Stowed(j) carry out
11.   Aviator(k) exact
12.   Abandoned(l) to send an electronic signal


  1. (c)
  2. (b)
  3. (a)
  4. (g)
  5. (i)
  6. (k)
  7. (l)
  8. (j)
  9. (h)
  10. (d)
  11. (b )
  12. (e)

Question 2:
The world’s most famous female aviator, Amelia Earhart, disappeared in 1937, as she attempted to become the first woman to fly around the world with her navigator, Fred Noonan. She was last heard of from about 100 miles from the tiny Pacific Howland Island on July 2, 1937.
Read the story of her ‘Final Flight’.
(See Main Course Book, Page 24)
Summary. The world’s most famous female aviator, Amelia Earhart, disappeared in 1937. She attempted to become the first woman to fly around the world with her navigator, Fred Noonan. She was last heard of from about 100 miles from the tiny Pacific Howland Island on July 2, 1937. Major portion of her endeavour was completed without major hiccups.

When she reached Bondoeng, she started suffering from dysentery but it was a minor problem given the scale of task she had planned to do. She faced no problem up to New Guinea. Later on after flying from Lae, her plane met the tragic end.
Guided by her publicist and husband, George Putnam, she made headlines in an era when aviation gripped the public’s imagination.

Question 3:
The following is a time chart of Amelia’s aviation record in her attempt to go around the world. Complete it with the missing dates and events.

1. June 1,1937
2.Electra flew to Calcutta
3. June 27
4.Reached Lae in New Guinea.
5.Amelia left Lae
6. July 2 (7:20 hrs)
7.Amelia made her last radio contact.
8.Last voice transmissions from Amelia
9. July 18


1. June 1,1937Amelia and her navigator Fred Noonan started from Miami.
2. June 29Electra flew to Calcutta
3. June 27Left Bandoeng for Port Darwin, Australia.
4. July 2Reached Lae in New Guinea.
5. July 2Amelia left Lae.
6. July 2
(7:20 hrs)
Amelia provided the position of her plane.
7. July 2Amelia made her last radio contact.
8. July 2Last voice transmissions from Amelia.
9. July 18Search abandoned by ships in Howland

Question 4:
During the summer vacation, your friends and you decide to enroll in ‘The School for Flying’. While training, you had an interesting and unforgettable experience. Here’s an account of it. Complete it using words from A.l.
It was the most amazing summer camp that we have ever had. My friend Jonathan and I decided to join the flying-school. There was rigorous training and we gained a lot of expertise, Jonathan in charting the course of flying and I in flying the plane. 25 May 2010 was the Red Letter Day as we were to fly a plane for nearly half an hour without an instructor. At 6:15 GMT we took the flight, Jonathan as a (1)___________ and I the (2)_____________ .We remembered all the instructions given at the academy and we were (3)_________ signals at frequent intervals. The day was clear but windy. We were (4)___________ hills and were flying along the coast. Suddenly, the weather turned turbulent we (5)_________ our position asking for advice. But unfortunately there was no communication from the other end. All of a sudden, we heard an explosion. The fuel tank of our plane caught fire due to the lightning. We immediately decided to (6)_________ the plane and donned the (7) that were available. We were blown off 55-60 kms away from the coast and we landed in the outskirts of a dense forest. We were uninjured but hungry and thirsty. We ate some wild fruit hoping it was safe. But unluckily it was disastrous for Jonathan as he had (8)__________ after that. We remembered our instructor’s clear and (9)_________ instructions in case of such an emergency. We discussed various strategies and decided to (10)___________ to the core the life saving strategies. We started exploring the forest. We must have wandered for about an hour or so along the coast when my eyes suddenly fell on something red in the crevice of a big rock. I went closer to it and to my great happiness and relief I saw a (11)__________ . It was (12)_________ away in a cosy nook. Oh! What a relief it was, we were successful in rowing our way back. In the meanwhile, the coastal guards were hunting for us. In an instant we were celebrities.

  1. navigator
  2. aviator
  3. transmitting
  4. skirting
  5. transmitted
  6. abandon
  7. parachutes
  8. dysentery
  9. precise
  10. implement
  11. raft
  12. stowed

Question 5:
You are a member of ‘Explorer’, an adventure club. Write a paragraph about one of your experiences of adventure activity.
Here are some words and phrases you can use
NCERT Solutions For Class 9 English Main Course Book The Final Flight-1
During summer vacation we went on a rock climbing trip to the nearby Aravali hills. All of us were thrilled at the prospect of rock climbing. When we reached the base camp everyone was curiously listening to the instructions by our coach. We started early in the morning. Slowly I found myself scaling new heights of one of the difficult hills. The mere thought of talking to clouds thrilled me deep inside. But when I looked down towards the ground it was a terrifying experience for me. Suddenly, one of my hands slipped and I was hanging by rope harness.

It was an agonizing moment for me and I felt highly insecure. But to my relief help was not far away. My coach slid down his harness to give me the comfort of safety. This helped me regain my grip. I felt grateful to die coach. Finally, after an arduous crawling I was there, at die peak. It was because of training and timely help from my coach that I got courage to reach there. Watching the beautiful nature from the top was an overwhelming experience for me. The sight of cheering team-mates in the backdrop of the setting sun was an extraordinary sight to be cherished forever.

Question 6:
You have read an account of the final stages of Amelia’s life. It had been a saga of struggle and courage. Read about her early life – the factors that inspired her to become an aviator and the difficulties she faced. Make a project on her life. Here is a list of the reference books and websites which will guide you in your endeavour in making a project. It can be in the form of a CD.
(See Main Course Book, Page 29)
Amelia Earhart was born in a rich family. Her grandfather left her a rich fortune which helped her finance her early flying career. Her father was having a modem outlook and he always encouraged his daughters to move ahead of boys. She was a tomboy in all senses. She was suffering from sinusitis which always affected her flying exploits. Once, her father spent a fortune of $ 10 so that she could experience the joy of flying. This was the incident when the flying bug bit her. Being a woman was a major stumbling block for her but because of support from her father she could realize her dreams. Later on she was criticized for her lack of sense of flying but it did not deter her.

Once her flying career started she became a celebrity in America. She utilized her celebrity status to endorse products which gave her enough money to finance her flying ambitions. She also authored many books and earned handsome royalties. She was a pioneer in many senses. Those were the early days of development and people were apprehensive of flying. She gave confidence to people. Apart from flying Amelia also advocated women liberation. Two men in her life, her father and her husband, were crucial in helping her realizing her dreams. Memorials have been built at several places in America after her name.

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