CBSE Class 9 English Main Course Book Unit 4 Radio and Video Show Chapter 1 Radio Show

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CBSE Class 9 English Main Course Book Unit 4 Radio and Video Show Chapter 1 Radio Show

Question 1:
First, you will hear a local radio programme, which will give you ideas for your own programme. You will hear the programme twice. First, listen without writing anything.
For self-attempt.

Question 2:
Before you listen for the second time, discuss the following with your partner.

  1. Why are there two presenters?
  2. What is the presenter’s role?
  3. What is the presenter’s style? Do you like their style? Why / Why not?
  4. Why do the presenters outline some of the contents right at the start of the programme?


  1. They are to complement each other’s presentation.
  2. That of an anchor.
  3. They are witty and to the point. Yes, I like their style because the wit keeps listener’s attention and interest. It helps in avoiding wastage of time.
  4. This is a way of introduction so that listener’s should know beforehand what is coming for them.

Question 3:
Now hear the Radio programme and fill in as much information as you can in the following table. Then exchange information with your partner to complete the table.



Content of ProgrammeDetails
 1. School News
 (a) Football matchThe school team has lost all football matches. The physical education teacher is so upset that he wants all players to practice in double shift.
 (b) Tiny tots zoo visitTiny tots enjoyed their visit so much that it was difficult for teacher to bring them back.
 (c) Examination FeverThe one act played by class XII students. Proceeds from the play would go to a charity organization called Prathyasha working for handicapped children.
 2. JokesThere are two jokes about a tunny waiter and two jokes about a silly student.
 3. Meet the teacherInterview with Mr. Chirag Sharma is about his domestic life. He is also asked about how he was able to catch student’s mischief and how did he fair during his school days.
 4. Advert Time


There is one advertisement about Ruchita of class VIIC selling her pencil box and an advertisement about a lost calculator in which the person who helps in finding it will be given treat in the school canteen.
 5. Safety at SchoolThis is about some exposed electric sockets and a broken lid of the water tank. Students are advised to take precaution while in the vicinity.

Is there enough variety of content?
The variety of content seems to be appropriate and sufficient. News related to happenings in school is there. Then there are jokes followed by interview of an eminent personality. Advertisements are also thrown in.

Question 4:
Now it is your turn. Write and produce your own radio programme. You will need to select your own content. The following are some ideas. You are free, of course, to add your own ideas. Remember, the programme must be in English.
(See Main Course Book, Pages 73-74)
Do it Yourself.

Question 5:
As a class, you will need to follow these steps:
(See Main Course Book, Page 74)
Presenter 1: “Hello everybody and welcome to your favorite Iskool FM. Today we have come with lots of goodies for you.”.
Presenter 2: “First of all Rahul will come with the school news. Then Varsha will interview our physical education teacher.”
Presenter 1: “This will be followed by an interesting presentation about Qutab Minar by Pankaj. Then there will be some advertisement followed by the question of the week.”
Presenter 2: “Now, it’s over to you Rahul.”
Rahul: “As they say, no news is good news but think how boring the life will be without news. There is a good news that our school team has won the Mehrauli Cricket Tournament final and photos of the winning team were splashed in all major dailies. There is going to be a drawing contest organized by Camlin. Those willing to participate should contact their class teachers for further details. That’s all from news room and goodbye!”
Presenter 1: “Thank you Rahul.”
Presenter 2: “Most of you dread your physical education teacher because of his no nonsense approach. Today Varsha will interview him to find the other facet of his tough personality. It is over to you Varsha.”
Varsha: “Mr. Rajyavardhan Rathore needs no introduction and all of you know him pretty well. Let’s ask some questions from Mr. Rathore. Welcome Mr. Rathore to our programme. Tell us, do you have a gym in your home for your kids?”
Mr. Rathore: “Yes! As you know physical health is very important for making an alert mind so I ensure it that my children do regular exercise to keep fit.”
Varsha: “Do you give them a good treat once they finish exercise?”
Mr. Rathore: “Sometimes I do. But basically the fitness should be the prime motive while doing exercise.”
Varsha: “In this age of junk food what are your suggestions for dietary habits of children?”
Mr. Rathore: “Junk food should be avoided at all costs. Everybody should eat lots of green vegetables and fresh fruit to get enough vitamins and minerals. For protein and calcium eggs and milk are important.”
Varsha: Thank you, Mr. Rathore for sharing your views with us. I hope listeners will follow your advice.
Presenter 1: “Qutab Minar is one of the iconic monuments of Delhi. And Pankaj has an interesting report on Qutab Minar. Welcome Pankaj.”
Pankaj: “Hi! I am not going to go into details of who built it and when he built it. Once you will approach the road towards Qutab Minar you will be overawed by its towering presence. Especially after a light shower the pink stone structure displays all its splendour. Once inside the campus you need to arch your back to have a good view of Qutab Minar. Then there is the famous iron pillar which is standing there for years without a speck of rust. In the same campus there is tomb of Iltutmish and other tombs are also there.

All the landmarks have well displayed information boards. After roaming in the Qutab campus if you feel tired you can enjoy a lazy siesta in the huge sloped lawn behind the Qutab Minar. That’s all about one of the historic monuments of our city.”
Advertisement 1: “Khan Chacha has come up with a new signature dish. This is ice cream filled gol-gappa peppered with chat masala. Khan Chacha’s guarantee is no one can eat just once!”
Advertisement 2: “Buy handmade greetings cards made by class V students. The proceeds will go to Helpage India.”
Presenter 2: “Now comes the time for the question of the week. Listen carefully and SMS your answers quickly. The winner will get free ice cream filled gol-gappa at Khan Chacha’s.
Presenter 1: “How does a desert cooler bring down temperature inside our rooms? Your answer should be in one word only. Send your SMS to 8888.
Presenter 2: “Hope you enjoyed our show. Send your feedback by mail, telephone or SMS. Meet you next week. Same time! Same Day!

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