CBSE Class 9 English Main Course Book Unit 5 Mystery Chapter 2 The Invisible Man

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CBSE Class 9 English Main Course Book Unit 5 Mystery Chapter 2 The Invisible Man

Question 1:
List some phrases and words that come to your mind, when you look at the picture given below

Question 2:
Discuss in groups.

  • Have you heard a story, seen a film, or read about someone becoming invisible?
  • Did he/she use his/her power for good or for evil?

Yes, I have seen such a film. In a Hindi movie ‘Mr. India’ the hero of the film gets a magic belt which helps him to become invisible. He uses his power for good.

Question 3:
Study the words given in the box below and complete the police report
4 January, Wednesday At 9.15 pm, I was driving along Belvedere Street when I noticed something moving in
the (1) ……………… On closer examination, I could see two rather (2) ……………… looking men outside House Number Question 1 felt certain these men were in the middle of (3) ……………… a crime, so I stopped my car round the comer and walked (4) ……………… over to the two suspects. By this time I was in no (5) ……………… , that a robbery was taking place. I quietly spoke to the (6) ……………… of police on my radio to inform him that two men had (7) ……………… into a house and were trying to steal what looked like 408 a television. At that moment the criminals saw me. I warned them not to move and told them I was (8) ……………… them for robbery. I informed them that they could (9)……………… silent if they wished and that they could phone their (10) ………………… from the police station. The men said they weren’t (11) ……………… and that they were just borrowing their friend’s TV. “You can tell that to the judge when you get to (12) …………….. I said.

  1. shadows
  2. suspicious
  3. directly
  4. committing
  5. chief
  6. doubt
  7. arresting
  8. broken
  9. lawyer
  10. remain
  11. court
  12. guilty

Question 4:
What would you do if you become invisible? Would you use your invisibility to play tricks on people or for the good of people? Write a short paragraph on ‘If I were invisible’.
If I were in visible it would be a great tool for me. Primarily, I will use my powers to do good for others, but I will do some mischief as well. I will help the police to catch the crooked shopkeeper, who is a master of food adulteration. I will go along with him in his shop during night when he goes to mix spurious things with edible items. When the police come I will open the door from inside without the knowledge of the shopkeeper. And this will help them get him caught red-handed. I will play some tricks on the big bully of my class. He always irritates other fellows. I will tie his shoelaces from both shoes so that he may have a horrendous fall. He won’t be able to catch me as I will be invisible.

Question 5:
Read the comic strip based on H.G. Wells’ novella.
the questions by ticking the correct option.
(a) The strange-looking man wanted

  1. the best room at the inn.
  2. a room with a fire and a good lock.
  3. a room with a good view.
  4. a room where he could work quietly.

(b) Jimson was suspicious of the stranger because

  1. he did not answer Jimson’s questions.
  2. he did not want to talk about the weather.
  3. he kept his back turned towards Jimson at all times.
  4. he shouted at Jimson when he entered his room.

(c) The people of the town gossiped about the stranger as

  1. he did not go out or talk to anyone in the town.
  2. he had met with an accident and his face was bandaged.
  3. he was new to the town and behaved rudely.
  4. he stayed in his room and did not show his face to anyone.

(d) ‘There was a rash of burglaries in the town. This means that

  1. there were many robberies in the town.
  2. a few people in the town had seen a robber.
  3. the burglaries in the town were done in a rush.
  4. the burglar was a rash and careless man.

(e) Although Jimson and Dr Cuss are suspicious of the strange guest, Mrs Hall tolerates him because

  1. she is not superstitious or ignorant.
  2. she is sorry for the stranger who is bandaged.
  3. the stranger is paying her a good amount of money for the room.
  4. the stranger is polite and kind to Mrs Hall at all times.

(f) The stranger who was staying at the inn can be described as being

  1. violent
  2. upright
  3. dishonest
  4. sensible


Question 6:
Working in groups of four, write your own mystery story. You may use the following chart to plan your story.
Attempt yourself

Question 7:
It was summer vacation and I was holidaying with my family at my village. My grandfather is a well built man in his sixties. He is a great example of bravery and courage because of his army background. It became our routine to sit on the rooftop and go to sleep listening to fantastic stories from the grandpa. One night we were in the midst of an interesting story. Suddenly my little sister poked me with her elbows as if she wanted to say something. When I turned to see her, to my great shock, she was sweating profusely. She was unable to speak a word but was trying to wave towards the vast darkness across the garden.

What we saw on the dark horizon was enough to send shivers down my spine. There were seven white silhouettes of men moving at good speed. It looked as if all of them were swimming in mid air. Their hands were still but their feet were making some pedalling motion. I gulped a lump down my throat and stammered to say to my grandpa what I just saw. Grandpa also saw in that direction and gave us a comforting assurance that he would go out and find what it was. By the time the grandpa could find his torch and lathi suddenly all the silhouettes crashed from mid air to the ground with splashing sound.

A cry for help rent the air from that direction. Many people ran in that direction to find out what was going on. To everyone’s relief we discovered there were seven men going somewhere on their cycles. Because of darkness their cycles were not visible. Since they were not carrying flashlights, they could not notice a canal ahead and fell down into that with a splash

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