CBSE Class 9 English Main Course Book Unit 6 Children Chapter 2 Children of India

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CBSE Class 9 English Main Course Book Unit 6 Children Chapter 2 Children of India

Question 1:
Below are the pictures of two children – Shravan Kumar and Narendra Kumar – both 13 years of age. (They are not related.) Working with a partner, look at their pictures and predict how each child lives. Write your answer in points.

Question 2:
Here are the stories of the two boys. One student reads the story of Shravan Kumar and the second student reads the story of Narendra Kumar. After reading the story, each student completes his or her half of the table in Question 3.
Summary of the extract:
SHRAVAN KUMAR – Shravan Kumar is a thirteen year old boy working in a tea-shop. His family’s misfortune has driven him to’migrate from his village in Bihar to Delhi. His sole aim is to survive in this world. He had had many bad experiences of this ruthless world. He is an orphan and often feels the loneliness. Most part of his day is spent in doing menial labor. Whenever he gets time he loves to watch movies. His ambition is to go back to his village and restore the lost pride of his family.
NARENDRA KUMAR – Narendra Kumar is a thirteen year old Kendriya Vidyalaya student. His father is a police officer. He has a comfortable life. Most of his time is devoted to study. In his spare time he likes to paint, swim and play tennis. His ambition is to become a police officer, like his father.

Question 3:
Complete the table for the story you have read. By asking and answering questions, exchange information with your partner (for the story you have not read) and complete the other half of the table.

Question 4:
There are many ways of expressing differences and similarities. Read the passage below, and study the expressions printed in italics.
For self-attempt.

Question 5:
Below is a list of other expressions. Decide what each expression means, by writing D for difference or S for similarity against each. Try to add more expressions to your list and make use of them in writing your article in Question 6.

Question 6:
Write a magazine article about both the boys, in which you bring out the similarities and differences in their lives. Use the table you completed in Question 3 Give you article a suitable title. Remember ‘CODER’.
Both Shravan and Narendra are 13 years old. While Narendra goes to school Shravan does not go to school. In contrast to Narendra, Shravan is an orphan. Because of abject poverty, Shravan was forced to migrate to Delhi. Narendra is living in Delhi because of good financial condition of his family. Sharvan spends most of his day doing menial jobs. In contrast to this, Narendra spends most of his day at his school.

Shravan is fond of watching movies. However, Narendra is fond of painting. Shravan’s dream is to get back his mortgaged land in the village. On the other hand, Narendra’s dream is to become a police officer. Given Shravan’s determination there are chances that he may be able to regain the lost family pride. Narendra’s good education and family background may enable him to fulfil his dream.

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